Floyd Mayweather fighting May 5th 2012: Expect Amir Khan
By Eric Marks, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 5, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Photo: Floyd Mayweather Jr
Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s recent announcement to fight a yet to be determined opponent on May 5th 2012 at the MGM Grand in Vegas is, well, vintage Floyd Mayweather. His announcement has done several things: 1) Stolen the spotlight, at least temporarily, from Manny Pacquiao as he closes in on his November 12th bout, 2) Secured perhaps boxing’s biggest weekend in the calendar year ( five years to the day after his signature win against Oscar De La Hoya) before Pacquiao or a rumored to be unretiring Oscar De La Hoya could do so, 3) Got people talking about him again given he’s been quiet since his last fight in September, and 4) elevated public anticipation, as doubt was setting in, that the colossal fight with Pacquiao three or so years in the making will finally take place.

Yet for all of Floyd’s antics and desire to be in the limelight, are we to believe that May 5th 2012 will finally be the day for the biggest fight of our lifetime? It’s certainly possible, but Amir Khan seems more likely.

A fight with Khan would allow Floyd to challenge a Freddie Roach trained fighter creating an interesting subplot and, build even greater hype for a Fall 2012 fight with Pacquiao.

Furthermore, Khan is a very good fighter who would be making his welterweight debut on such a date, so in typical Floyd fashion, he would be getting a guy on the way up before too much danger is posed, potentially spoiling Khan’s entrance into the welterweight division. Even Khan has suggested desiring a fight or two at welterweight prior to an encounter with Mayweather. But in the boxing world you take the biggest fight possible when you can get it despite your readiness, because, like life in general, opportunity may not knock twice.

Lastly, a win against Khan and a Pacquiao win against his likely next opponent undefeated Timothy Bradley, would really give credence to the notion that Floyd and Manny have truly cleaned out the divisions from junior welterweight to junior-middleweight and, at that point, there is no one to face but each other.

Mayweather, being the promoter he is, will ride this wave of build-up as far as he can until its magnitude becomes insignificant, and 2012 is probably about the last span of time public intrigue in such a fight will remain immense. Not to mention, it’s unclear how much longer either Floyd or Manny can continue to fight at such a high level. For these reasons, if the fight happens, late 2012 appears more probable than the latest tale of a Cinco De Mayo showdown. And if the world ends in December 2012 as some have predicted, Floyd is sure to go out with a bang.  

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