Boxing Analysis and Prediction for Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao
By Eric Marks (Dec 5, 2008)  
When I first heard this fight announced I, like many others, gave Pacquiao little chance of winning, thinking Goldie would KO him. However, I always believed that Pacquiao would be competitive and give Goldie a run for his money up until Oscar stopped him. It has been interesting to see opinions about this fight over the last few months, particularly how many people have either gained confidence in Pacquiao or lost confidence in De La Hoya. I for one have not wavered from my initial thoughts.

Well some feel De La Hoya can no longer pull the trigger. I believe he still can. Floyd Mayweather Jr. was too elusive and Steve Forbes fought only to go the distance. Pacquiao does not have the skills of Maywweather and De La Hoya should be able to hit him.

The same is of course true for Pacquiao, and how he chooses to fight this fight is in my judgement the most intriguing element. If he engages De La Hoya, as is his natural tendency, he runs the risk of getting KO'd. If he sticks and moves trying to score points and tire De La Hoya for the late rounds, he is straying from his core competency.

My hunch is that Pacquiao will fight like he always does, which should please fans. While I think Pacquio will have success and keep the fight close, I think Goldie's size and power is still too big of a hurdle and he'll get the KO in a fight that will be very close up until that point.

De La Hoya by KO 9

Enjoy the fight!

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