Vitali Klitschko vs. Chris Arreola - Breakdown and Prediction
By Frank Hobbs (Sept 22, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
This Saturday night from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA, heavyweight champ Vitali Klitschko 37-2 (36) will defend his WBC heavyweight strap against the undefeated heavyweight contender Chris Arreola 27-0 (24) in a scheduled twelve round heavyweight championship match-up.

Vitali, who hails from Kyrgyzstan, is making the second defense of his WBC strap, since recapturing the title from Samuel Peter almost a year ago.

Klitschko, the older brother of Wladimir (who holds the IBF & WBO strap) has proven himself to be one tough cookie to crack in his thirteen years of professional boxing. Klitschko’s hit list is a who’s who in the fight world. Wins over Herbie Hide, Larry Donald, Samuel Peter and Juan Gomez has given Vitali the right to be called a three world heavyweight champion.

The only two losses on his resume from Lennox Lewis and Chris Byrd, were not due to knock out or decision, but to injuries sustained during the bout. And in his thirty-seven victories, Klitschko has won all but one via knock out.

Klitschko will be defending against the hard hitting undefeated heavyweight Chris Arreola.

Arreola, who was born in Los Angeles, has defeated all that has come in contact with the twenty-eight year old banger. All though the beginning of his young career was filled with the regular suspects in building a young prospects record, in the past couple of years Cristobal has earned the right to call himself a true contender.

The heavy hander has beaten the likes of Chazz Witherspoon, Travis Walker and Jameel McCline in his journey to a heavyweight title shot.

Now Arreola will get his shot to become the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world.

The Breakdown:

Everybody knows that when you get to big boys in the same ring, anything can happen, the unexpected could take place and the underdog could become the victor, one punch can change the course of history.

Both fighters are coming into the match-up with knock out victories behind them, Klitschko is on a five knock out win streak as Arreola is on a three kayo streak, would be a fifteen streak, but Witherspoon (who was well on his way to a KO Loss) was disqualified after his team jumped in the ring during the bout.

So, we all know that both fighters have the knock out power, all though Vitali has never tasted the canvas, Arreola hit it once during the Walker fight, but came back to score the knock out victory. So the better chin has to go to Vitali Klitschko, but you cannot rule out Arreola’s power.

Speed, skill and experience goes to Klitschko as well, all though his robotic style is often unsatisfying to the fans, it has and continues to get the job done and has kept Vitali in the win column.

What it boils down to is toughness, which Arreola has proven to be a tough hombre against Walker, but never has been in the situation as Klitschko, bleeding from eye to lip and still wanting to continue.

Stamina, now that has to be a concern on Arreola’s part, once has he been to the eighth round, all though Klitschko has ended a lot of fights early, he has been in the later rounds with greater opposition.

It would seem that Klitschko has the greater of the good between these to fighters, but I would not fully count out Arreola, I mean you never fully count out a fighter, you never know what or who can go down when the bell rings.

About the only thing that Chris brings to the table is youth and a punchers chance, but will that be enough to defeat Klitschko?

The Prediction:

All though Arreola has fought and conquered all who have been put in front of him to gain this title shot, I feel his twenty-eight fight win streak come to a halt this Saturday night. I do not feel Vitali will walk right over Chris, but his size, experience, power and better boxing ability will break down Arreola quickly, giving Klitschko the knock out victory within five to eight rounds of the bout.

Arreola will not fade away because of this loss, he can come back another day and try it again, but I feel he has been moved to quickly, and will taste defeat this Saturday night against Klitschko.

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