Team Zab Judah Responds to Dan Rafael’s Allegations
The Welter Report by Gabriel Montoya (May 29, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
On, lead boxing writer Dan Rafael wrote in his blog what he claims is “the real story” behind the injury to Zab Judah’s right arm that postponed his proposed Pay-Per-View match with Shane Mosley that was set for this Saturday. Judah and his camp have stated that he slipped in the shower and fell through the glass doors while trying to catch himself. Rafael wrote “the real story, from what I am told by multiple people on the inside who didn't want to be quoted, is that Judah actually got into a serious beef with his father and trainer, Yoel Judah, and he threw a temper tantrum, which resulted in Judah angrily putting his arm through the steam room shower door
at the Top Rank gym in Las Vegas.”

Upon hearing of this allegation, (variations of which had been floating around the boxing community but have yet to be officially confirmed) Team Judah contacted this writer wanting to go on record.

“That’s a joke,” said Judah as he was leaving his training camp for the day. “That’s a lie. Me and pops have no problems. We’re leaving the gym right now, training hard every day. Whatever.”

Zab went on to cite the picture he released of his wounded arm as proof that he wasn’t lying. “I released my own picture. Dan Rafael’s a piece of shit. I know him. He know me. He’s a piece of shit. Fuck him. Tell him I said ‘Keep writing stories. Have a good day.’ ”

As for the multiple inside sources, Judah contends it isn’t possible for inside info about how his camp was or is going to escape the confines of his inner circle.

“There was nobody there. I train in private. Only my team is in there so that’s a lie. Everybody on the outside looking in trying to find out what happened.”

When asked what recourse, if any, Team Judah planned to take, Judah answered: “I’m going to check Dan Rafael. Find out what’s going on. But that’s bullshit, man. We went on record for the whole world to know. We had no problems. Training was going good. Daniel Judah fighting next week. My other brother fighting after that. And I’m fighting [Clottey for the IBF title]. We doin’ good. We’re cool.”

As for why the fight was cancelled, Judah contends it wasn’t his doing.

“We went to try to get the fight rescheduled. He’s the one that backed out. Let the world know that. It wasn’t Shane. Jin Mosley stopped the fight. We went to Golden Boy to figure out what our handlers wanted to do and then we went to the media. Once we saw that there was nowhere to go, the fight was done. But we gave them the opportunity to figure it out like a businessman. You’re a fighter or you’re a fighter. Push it back and let’s do it. With backing out, I think Mosley and them are the ones that didn’t want to fight.”

“We sat there with Richard Schaeffer and we called HBO,” says Yoel. “We sat in his office, we agreed with all of that. We agreed to take it off Pay-Per-View, we agreed with everything. He said okay, you guys are straight. You’re straight with HBO. We straight with everybody, let me call HBO. Jin Mosley said no. The fight is off. No way.”

Zab was injured prior to the May 3 De La Hoya / Forbes fight which he attended. It was at that fight, that he informed Richard Schaeffer that “we gotta to talk.”

However Judah contends he waited simply to see how his injured arm would heal.

“I got hurt, I got fixed up. Waited a couple days to see how I felt. We went to Golden Boy to let them see what was going on. Golden Boy wanted to go on with the fight. Jin Mosley said no.”

For a fight that was deep into it’s promotion, with a Countdown show beginning filming, holding off with news of this nature could have proved costly. Perhaps it created a lack of good faith between the camps and that combined with being asked to make financial concessions put Jin Mosley in a situation she felt was best to be out of.

The Judah’s however, feel that the fight could have gone on as planned.

“We’re in the gym right now,” says Zab. “I’ve been here every single day. We’ve all been boxing every single day. We’re in the gym right now. Look at the date. The fight could have go on.”

“What [Zab] did, was like super,” says Yoel. “He healed so quick, we were still on for the Mosley fight. They wanted to postpone for July 12. We wanted two more weeks, let the arm heal, keep our sparring up, and we would have fought Mosley. Anybody can get hurt before a fight. [Zab] got legitimately hurt. He fell in the shower, he hit the glass, he tried to catch himself, that’s how he went through the glass. He got cut up, we went to hospital, and got his stitches. He’s back in the gym training right now. I say if we had the fight right now, we’d be right on target. Even better if we fought July 12.”

To the Judahs, the injury is old news. He has signed to fight Joshua Clottey for the vacant IBF welterweight title and is moving on with his training. So the news of a “real story”
about the injury came as a surprise.

“Why would Dan write something like that?” asked Yoel. “What’s his problem? He wants props or something? If it isn’t fact, why would he put it out? He going to have a problem with me now. When I see him, he got a problem with me. All that stuff about me and Zab having problems is nonsense. I have nine sons. All my sons respect me. They listen to me. I don’t have to tell them anything twice. Anyone that know the Judah family or know me as a father, they know if I say something once, it’s done. I don’t go through none of this father and son fighting. They have a lot of respect for me and where Dan come with this . . . we got problems. I’ll see him, though. I’ll see him. Watch.”

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