Freddie Roach Breaks Down Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito
By Gabriel Montoya, Doghouse Boxing (July 24, 2008)  
Last week during a nightly visit to the Wild Card Boxing Club, I asked Freddie Roach if he could give me his pick for the upcoming welterweight showdown between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito. "I'm going to be vague," promised Roach. "I will be, too. Don't worry about it," I assured him. Three or four days later, after what I felt would be sufficient time to get a strong pick together, I hit Freddie up for his thoughts on the fight. "Cotto/Margarito. Fight of the Year on paper," he began. "It looks like a good one. I would pay to see that fight but I wouldn't bet on it because I think either guy has a good chance of winning." Then he paused long enough that I thought that was it. Fortunately, he continued.

"You know, you got to favor Cotto a little bit because of consistency. He is more consistent than Margarito or so it seems. Thing is Margarito has a great chin and a great punch. Cotto seems like his chin might be a little questionable. He has been hurt a few times at 140 but at 147, he seems to be much stronger, much more durable. I can see the fight going either way. I know Margarito has a tendency to start slow but obviously he has to know that is a strike against him so he might try to make that not happen. But if he forces himself to fight at a fast pace, he might get caught coming in by one of Cotto's shots. Cotto could break him down to the body. A lot could happen. It all depends on who controls the fight. But I can't wait to watch it happen as a fan. It's a boxing fan's fight and it's going to be a great one."

Not exactly the boldest of picks but certainly a solid breakdown. Three days away from the fight, two days away from having to deliver my pick to the editors, and I'm not anywhere close to being solid myself. At this point, which is the same point I have been for months, I am leaning towards Cotto based on versatility. Like Freddie said though, "The only way this is a bad fight is if they head butt in the first round and they call it." I couldn't agree more.”

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