Mosley KO’s Mayorga With a Second to Spare!
By Gabriel Montoya at ringside (Sept 28, 2008) (Photo © German Villasenor)  
Before a raucous crowd of 5,798 fight fans on a chilly southern California night, Sugar Shane Mosley and Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga fought a rough and tumble, foul-filled match with Mosley scoring a brutal knockout with one second left on the clock. It was a right hand festival as both men, a few years past their best days, shot hard punches through each other’s defensive holes.

Mayorga came out swinging, landing two vicious rights to Mosley’s head. Mosley came back with a hard right
of his own and the fight was on. Mosley tried to keep it a boxing match but the awkwardness of Mayorga kept things interesting as he perplexed Mosley and kept the fight close all the way down the stretch. Through the fourth, Mosley seemed confused how to proceed. Mayorga kept the pressure on, throwing flurries about Mosley’s head and body and landing flush shots to the side of Mosley’s upright head.

Mosley seemed to get more of a groove in the fourth, as he opened landing a crisp right hand to Mayorga’s dome. A right by Shane got the crowd on their feet, chanting “Mosley” and causing Mayorga to fire back with a flurry of his own.

The middle rounds saw the pace slow with both fighters tiring and picking away at each other with vicious, single shots. Mayorga would taunt Mosley but would eat a hard right hand for his trouble.

The sixth was particularly brutal for Mayorga who seemed visibly tired leaving Mosley to open up with ripping uppercuts, left hooks inside and hard right hands.

But El Matador would come back strong and the two would trade rounds down the stretch in a fight that was much closer on the cards than many had expected. In fact, Mosley was up on two cards and Mayorga was up on one.

The end came in the 12th round as Mosley and Mayorga, sensing the fight was on the line, went for broke. Mosley drew blood first however and landed a hard right hand that stunned Mayorga. A win in sight, Mosley opened up his toolbox and unloaded everything on Mayorga who tried gamely to stay on his feet but crumpled under the onslaught. Rising on shaky legs, Mayorga told the ref he was fine but was a sitting duck for Mosley who leapt in with a crushing left hook/uppercut that sent Mayorga to the canvas, flat on his back, causing the ref to call the fight over El Matador’s unconscious body.

Scores at the time of the stoppage were 105-104 Mosley. 107-102 Mosley and 105-105 Mayorga.

With the win, Mosley sets up either a showdown with Welterweight champ Antonio Margarito, a rematch with Miguel Cotto or a fight with Andre Berto. From ringside, Berto promoter Lou DiBella acknowledged the mandatory status of Luis Collazo but said he would jump at making a Mosley/Berto fight.

Notes from an Undercard

Luis Collazo scored a brutal knockout over Russell Jordan in the 8th round to soldify his mandatory status to Andre Berto for Berto’s WBC title.

Hot prospect Danny “The Golden Child” extended Jacobs extended his unbeaten streak to 10-0 with 9 KOs with unanimous decision over Emmanuel Gonzalez (9-3 with 4 KOs). Jacobs was extended the distance for the first time in his pro career but dropped Gonzalez twice. It was a nice test for Jacobs as he started string and patient behind his jab and 1-2 but found Gonzalez more resilient than any previous opponent. It would be Jacobs fighting the stalking Gonzalez off late as they came down the stretch. After seeing his string of early round KO’s, it’s good to see Jacobs has other answers when his power doesn’t solve the riddle in front of him.

Craig McEwan took a unanimous decision over Hilario Lopez, dropping him in the first round and pounding out a unanimous decision.

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