Oscar De La Hoya Guilty of a Hold Up!
By Gabriel Montoya (Jan 8, 2008) Doghouse Boxing        
The boxing world in general and the welters in particular have been waiting for far too long to set their schedules. Just an opinion but it seems to this writer that part of the problem with the welterweight division is the impending return of Oscar De La Hoya.

Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito, Kermit Cintron, Miguel Cotto, and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. all appear to be waiting for Oscar to make his choice. It's a decision that De La Hoya has pushed back from the end of last
year to sometime within the next two weeks.

While this wait has gone on, scarce TV dates are being held up or lost to big name fighters in other divisions. The welters, once a division that looked to be the hottest in boxing, are coming to a standstill.

What these fighters and their promoters need to understand is that if the best fight the best, the money and acclaim will come. Waiting for De La Hoya only wastes their prime and the public's time. I can understand wanting that kind of paycheck. What I can't understand is allowing one man to hold up the sport's (much less your careers) forward movement. Especially considering that beating De La Hoya proves nothing in the any division he decides to fight in.

It's time the welters focused less on a Golden Payday and more on a return to the Golden Age.

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