Pavlik and Taylor Weigh In Under Limit: Report with Photos - Boxing
By Gabriel Montoya (Feb 15, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (All Photos © Will Hart / HBO-PPV)         
Before a crowd of nearly two thousand, Ohio and Arkansas natives Kelly Pavlik and Jermain Taylor weighed in at 164 lbs. each. Looking spry and energetic, Taylor was up first to the scale. He didn’t look too weight drained and smiled and flexed for the cameras as the announcement was made.

Pavlik was next up and he looked typically relaxed. Weighing in he smiled and enjoyed the new found love and attention the crowd was showing.

The stare down was intense as both men refused to back off. Pavlik looked like he began to move but realized that Taylor wasn’t and came back to the face off. A handler for Taylor stepped in and then Taylor grabbed the mic.

Despite the rain of boos, Taylor looked confident as he proclaimed, “It’s going to be a totally different fight. He’s going down and he’s staying down.”

“Youngstown, baby” he said to the crowd and was gone.

The crowd quickly exited and the weigh in resumed.

Undercard weigh in results

Martin Castillo---115
Fernando Montiel---115

Christian Mijares---115
Carlos Navarro----115

Juan Astorga----154
Ronald Hearns----154

Brian Viloria---111 ½
Cesar Lopez---111 ½."

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