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Gabriel Montoya's Prediction - This fight has all the ingredients of another great war. Much like Rafael Marquez and Israel Vasquez displayed over their bloody, knock down, drag out trilogy, in my opinion Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao's deficiencies complement the other fighter perfectly. Pacquiao is a two-fisted power boxer with tremendous speed and a slugger's mentality. Marquez is a smooth technician with enough power to get respect, endurance earned the hardest of ways ,and a counter puncher's mentality combined with a Mexican warrior's heart.

Both men can hurt each other and adjust to the other just enough to keep this fight going well enough into the twelth in this sequel to their first battle. I see Marquez adjusting to the speed and aggression of Pacquiao soon after the opening bell. It will be a test of endurance around the middle rounds as Pacquiao's new found body work will test the older Marquez. But intelligence and more consistent technique will be the difference down the stretch.

Marquez by Split Decision and we'll be begging for a third.

John Novoselac

I felt Pacquiao deserved the nod in the first encounter, and the scoring irregularity in the first round tends to lend evidence to that opinion. Pacquiao has looked lackluster in his past couple bouts, but with reports of a fiery, fierce, hungry, intense training camp it's hard to pick against the Filipino warrior. However, Marquez, has been extremely impressive in recent outings, and the hunger to prevail as the lone Mexican to beat Pac Man may prove to be the driving force behind a resurging Marquez. His precise counter punching, coupled with his reported cave man like, Spartan training, could lead
the DF native to victory.

In the end, I can't see the end of the Pac Man's dominance. I see him overpowering with lead shots, and securing a late stoppage win with Nacho saving his fighter from further punishment.

Dan Horgan

Since May of 2004, Pacquiao has matured as a boxer. The Filipino is better than ever and I see him running through Marquez, who has slowed in his past few fights.

Pacquiao TKO 8

Julian Kasdin

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Their first fight was great, from the three-knockdown first round for Manny, to the absolute clinic put on by Juan Manuel, never were two styles more clearly contrasted in one fight then that between Pacquiao and Marquez. Now, after four years, they meet again to determine who truly is the best junior lightweight in the world. The winner will not only receive recognition as the best man at their weight, but will also probably receive top pound-for-pound honors and the undying adoration of their countrymen. Which brings us to the question that all interested want answered, who will win?

Both men have suffered a loss since their first fight, and while Pacquiao avenged his to Morales in brutal fashion, Marquez moved on from Chris John with wins over Barrera and Rocky Juarez. The win over Barrera provides an interesting look into where these two fighters are leading up to their mega-match-up. Marquez clearly beat Barrera in their fight but suffered a knockdown in the process, and while he came away with the win it was by no means the one-sided beat down that Manny would visit on Marco Antonio in their rematch. Manny came into the fight riding a string of success against Morales, Oscar Larios and Solis. With the confidence of his first big win over Barrera seared into his consciousness he came into the fight knowing not only was he the better physical fighter, but that he was also a much improved technical fighter from their first match. In a bout that saw Barrera fight to survive, Pacquiao would go on to dominate, thus setting up a fight with old foe Marquez.

Much was revealed in their respective fights with Barrera, and while Marquez is probably the better boxer he does not possess the tremendous edge in skill that he did in the first fight. Coming into Saturday's bout I would imagine that Manny, who rumor has it has been more dedicated to his training than he has in years, is well aware that he has the edge in power, chin, speed, and has closed the technical gap. I believe Pacquiao will use his improved arsenal, one that has seen the development of a hook, body attack, and the usage of angles, combined with his greater physical talent to begin and outbox the older Marquez. Eventually Manny will break Juan Manuel down, and, seeing as how Juan lacks the mobility of Barrera, stop late in the fight probably in the eleventh round.

Give me Manny by eleventh round TKO in his last big fight before making the move to 135.

Coyote Duran

Juan Manuel Marquez has walked through fire to get where he is today and the flames were stoked when he first faced Manny Pacquiao almost four years ago. Marquez proved at that time that he wasn't in awe of the spectacle Pacquiao had become. He just knew he was in a fight and that was very well indicated by the three knockdowns he suffered in he first round. Let's remember that if Pac were short a knockdown, Marquez would've still walked away with a win in May of '04. Much of Manny Pacquiao's mystique has faded and it seems like he has to try much harder to be the invincible myth of boxing today. His reputation of being a 'Mexican Assassin' has to take a dent in it sooner or later and Saturday night will be the 'sooner.' I predict Pacquiao becomes the 'solved' when Juan Manuel Marquez fights the perfect fight by outboxing and just flat-out outworking the Filipino southpaw. Not only will the win secure Marquez The Ring Magazine World Junior Lightweight Championship but it'll also bring a little pride back to the Marquez name for brother Rafael, who lost to The Ring World Junior Featherweight Champion Israel Vazquez a few weeks back.

Marquez UD 12 Pacquiao.

Benny Henderson Jr.

If Marquez vs. Pacquiao II is anything like their first throw down four years back, then fight fans, get ready for war! Can the Pac Man eat up Marquez or will the tough as nails Marquez pull off the W?

Either way, it should be an exciting fight for the fans. I think Manny will be the first man to stop Marquez, in what should be an entertaining nine to ten round battle.

Vikram Birring

In May of 2004, Manny Pacquiao seemed to have finished Juan Manuel Marquez off in the first round, knocking him down three times. Yet, somehow Marquez got off the deck and fought courageously enough to survive all twelve rounds.

Marquez priced himself out of an immediate rematch, and since then, Pacquiao has become a superstar, while Marquez has slowly been building his career up from scratch once again. Four years later, they meet again. Marquez claims this fight will simply be a continuation of the first. However, Pacquiao is training like a madman, and when this is the case, he tends to win, usually by devastating knockout.

Anthony Cocks

There's much to like about Pacquiao in the rematch. Rather than the raw, one-handed power puncher he was when he first stepped in the ring with Marquez back in 2004, Pacman has developed into a polished, two-fisted punching machine with an awesome body attack. Any bookmaker worth his salt would be a fool to rate him as anything other than a solid favourite. On the flip side this fight is do-or-die for Marquez. The rugged Mexican boxer-puncher needs a win here to consolidate his legacy and keep his name in the mix for more big money fights. The precise, crisp counter-punching Marquez displayed in his draw with Pacquiao four years ago have recently given way to a more aggressive, come-forward style. The question here is will he try to trade with Pacquiao or will he fall back on the skills that took him to where he is today. My guess is that Marquez employs similar tactics to the first fight, surviving and early onslaught before picking off Pacquiao through the middle rounds, before the Filipino firebrand finishes strong down the straight.

Give me Pacquiao by decision, 116-112.

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