Brandon Rios Loses Title on the Scales
By Gabriel Montoya, MaxBoxing (Dec 3, 2011) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse)
In a disastrous turn of events, the now-former WBA lightweight titleholder Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios weighed in over the 135-pound limit. The first announcement of his weight came at 136.4 pounds when Rios stepped on the scale wearing nothing but what the Lord gave him. He stepped off, stepped back on and it was announced he was 135.6 pounds. He was given an hour to lose .6 pounds.

When Rios returned to the scales 25 minutes later, he was still over the limit by the same amount. A third attempt seemingly saw him gain a pound as he weighed in at 136.6. However, it was revealed that while he went backstage to lose the additional weight, HBO had moved the calibrated scale in order to do a Q&A with the attending audience. This may have altered the weight but nonetheless, Rios did not weigh in again. Instead, the former titlist will pay $20,000 to opponent John Murray and is required to weigh in no heavier than 147 pounds at 9 AM this morning.

Should he make weight, Rios will be allowed to weigh over that 147-pound limit in the fight. Even though Rios has lost his title on the scales, Murray will still be allowed to fight for the belt.
For the main event’s weigh-in, Antonio Margarito weighed 152.5 to Miguel Cotto’s 152.4.

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