Boxing Notes: Khan, Peterson, Lemieux, Alcine, Viloria, Segura, Mitchell, Ibragimov
By Gabriel Montoya, MaxBoxing (Dec 12, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Khan vs. Peterson. I thought referee Joseph Cooper was right on the money this weekend with one exception: the opening round knockdown that Khan scored. It was clear on replay that Peterson was not dropped by a punch but was tripped. But Khan’s repeated fouls, pushing, wrestling, holding down Peterson’s head, deserved point deductions. I liked that Cooper was consistent. He decided he would call this infraction, warned Khan about it and then took action in the seventh round. How long was he was supposed to wait?

The only person Khan has to blame is himself. Maybe he can blame Freddie Roach for not giving him an inside game but as far as the fight itself, it’s on Khan. When you are fighting in someone’s hometown, champion or not, you do not continue to foul when you have had a point taken. It’s just a bad move. Khan decided it could not happen to him, continued with fouls he has used previously and lost the fight because of it.

What is lost here is what a great effort Lamont Peterson put forth. This was pure will or skill and arguably makes Peterson Fighter of the Year. That distinction will likely go to the winner of Froch-Ward but regardless, what a story from Peterson and his trainer Barry Hunter. His effort is one of many reasons I love boxing. On any given night, any man can win.

With no rematch clause, I’m thinking Bradley-Peterson II or boxing gods bless us, Lamont Peterson vs. Brandon Rios. I’m curious to see if HBO or the sanctioning bodies force an immediate rematch. Lamont Peterson is a champion without a rematch clause and I believe a promotional free agent. Will the powers that be let him remain that way?

And a parting question to Khan who claimed he was fighting two men in Cooper and Peterson and wants an immediate rematch of a tough, close fight: Why is the guy who knocked you out in less than a minute not a rematch candidate?

Wow. Middleweight contender David Lemieux has now dropped two in a row after his decision loss to Joachim Alcine this weekend. Alcine is a measuring stick that Lemieux failed to stack up against. This was not a devastating knockout loss but with a new trainer after splitting with Russ Anber, it’s hard to say what Lemieux’s future is.


I loved the stoppage here. Some complained that Segura might have come on later but that head was hideous. How swollen and jacked up did Segura need to be to satisfy the crowd?

Viloria really shocked me. He counter punched well and seemed to keep his legs and wits about him throughout.

From the time he entered to the Hawaii 5-O theme song to the final bell, Viloria fought with confidence and poise. That and his straight punching technique proved superior to Segura’s wild, looping shot aggression.

I would love to see Viloria vs. Roman Gonzalez or Hernan Marquez. Awesome fights.


I think Seth Mitchell looks good but the front side defense is a little shaky. A right hand and a hard jab will give him trouble. But then again, who doesn’t that trouble? He is growing and I think well ahead of Deontay Wilder as a prospect. I’d like to see him fight Arreola. With both being Haymon fighters, I doubt it happens though.

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