Oscar De La Hoya Speaks on Possible December Opponent
On Conference with Gabriel Montoya (April 23, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
On today’s conference call to promote his upcoming bout with Stevie Forbes May 3 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA, De La Hoya spoke on his possible opponent are for his December farewell fight.

“You can never count anyone out or scratch anybody off the list. Anything can happen. Obviously, beating Stevie Forbes, which I intend to do and beating Floyd, which I intend to do, who would my December fight be? Well, if you beat the best in the world against Floyd, Jr., you have to continue that streak. There’s Miguel Cotto who is
considered one of the best. You can never tell who you are going to face with that much time ahead. It’s in December. Anything can happen between now and then. He’s fighting Margarito, obviously anything can happen there. We know it’s not an easy fight for Cotto. We just feel that we’ll take it one fight at a time and then we’ll go from there.”

De la Hoya also expressed his feelings about whether or not he can get a fair decision in Las Vegas against Mayweather.

“It’s been a rocky road for us in Las Vegas. But we have a lot of faith that Las Vegas will do the right thing. I mean, we are becoming such an important part of Las Vegas boxing. We want to continue it for many years to come. [Nevada] has proven that they are the top commission and the top state to fight in if you want to be in big time boxing. It happens. You have close decisions. It’s just so difficult to win in Vegas when you’re a Golden Boy fighter. But all I can say if that I have my eyes very, very close on this and we are going to open our eyes even more. But we have the utmost respect for them. The bottom line is that
they are a very respectable commission.”

“No comment,” laughed Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer when posed the same question. “I’d rather say nothing. What I can say is I respect Chairman Bailey and the members of the commission. I feel the same about NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer. I have a very nice relationship with him. I really think it has nothing to with them. I consider these people friends. As for the judges, I don’t know what it is. So of the judges maybe have different preferences. Looking back at the last seven or so close fights in Las Vegas, we lost them all. So it is. I think that Oscar will not leave it in the hands of the judges knowing the way it is.”

De La Hoya would return to the subject in his closing comments on the conference call.

“Come to think of it, it does piss me off that Golden Boy doesn’t get the necessary respect. Like Richard was saying, the last seven fights, close fights in Vegas, we lost them all. What’s the problem there? I mean does it tick me off? Absolutely. Can we do something about it? Well, we are going to do something about it.”

And with that, the call was over. Exactly what Golden Boy will do about it remains to be seen.

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