Lacy tells Doghouse He wants Calzaghe; Fights Dec 2
Interview by Gabriel Montoya (Sep 20, 2006)'s Gabriel Montoya has confirmed with Jeff Lacy that he will be fighting on the Dec. 2nd Winky Wright vs. Ike Quartey card on HBO.

Lacy tells DoghouseBoxing: "It's going to be my return home and to the ring." This fight marks first on HBO. "I would have loved to have done it with Showtime but there were no dates left. "

Jeff seems very excited and eager to the return to the ring having been inactive since last March, telling Doghouse: "I want
all my fans at Doghouse to know I'm back an I'm fresh an better then ever before so you don't want to miss what I've been missing for some months now. One or two fights back and I want a rematch with Joe (Calzaghe)! He won the first round and I just know I let a lot of my fans down. I want my titles back and I'm not going to stop until I do! March 3rd Joe didn't fight 30 percent of me that night and he had to do what he had to do. It funny that a fighter can't say timeout I'm not up to this tonight and ask to fight when you're up to it. Someone has to win and he did that. Now I'm fresh and ready to return and get what I really know I should have gotten the first time out. I want Joe again and I won't let my fans down doing so. Thanks Doghouse boxing!"

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