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Verno Phillips Claims IBF Title by TKO 6
By George J. Elsasser (June 7, 2004) 
It was to be Verno Phillips vs. Kassim Ouma for the vacant IBF jr. middle bauble but fate stepped in and took Ouma out of the picture via training injury - enter #15 ranked Carlos Bojorquez to fill the void.

No surprise it was all Phillips from start to finish, the wily vet left nothing to the imagination. Verno’s speed and quickness alone made for a one-sided thumping of major proportions, Carlos was not only slow of hand and feet but awkward and out of his class when trying to go on the offense.

The single Bojorquez asset was a strong chin that was tested throughout the mismatch, and come stanza six Phillips went to the body with heavy ordinance from both sides of the dish. The end result was Carlos going down at the bell and deemed unable to come out for round seven.

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No question this one was Phillips at the pinnacle of his game; the speed of hand and feet, and accuracy that saw him scoring with every punch in the text book, and only a rock solid chin kept his opponent upright until chapter six.

Hopefully, the win gets Phillips some of them big pay checks that others with lesser skills have captured. At age 34 or not, this guy is a yesterday throwback with a wealth of fistic knowledge - and is truly a pleasure to watch while at work.

Phillips goes to 38-8-1, 20 stops, Bojorquez drops to 22-5-6, 18 stops but the baggage hints of an old 31 and that ain’t good.

Ref: Mark Nelson ~ Surprise … a referee that turned in a pro job - let them fight and made all the right calls. Kudos to a rare gem.

The Showtime semi-final featured undefeated Super-Middles Jeff "Left-hook" Lacy and Vitali Tsypko in a duel that ended as No Decision when inadvertent head butt resulted in nasty cut over the Ukrainian’s left eye.

Ringside physician let it go through two candles before calling it no-mas; deep and ugly enough to have no objections from either corner.

The Russian’s USA debut never got off the ground once the opening round accident, but a tall, wiry southpaw with no fear is all we got to see. The "no decision" probably gets Vitali another peek once the cut heals.

Lacy ready for more serious and meaningful dance partners. He is physically strong, big hitter from both sides and probably at prime time in the DOB department; a tough one to wager against regardless of the opponent.

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