El's Prediction: Hopkins vs. De La Hoya
By George J. Elsasser (September 7, 2004) 
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Been down this street before … have already picked Hopkins any way he wants it. I am speaking about the upcoming Hopkins- De La Hoya battle for the middleweight bauble.

Only thing that has changed since several months back is that Bernard has aged another several months. But regardless of what Oscar sees in that mirror on the wall - his "youth is on my side" statement is more fantasy than fact.

What remains as it was from day one of the big press release, the veteran Philadelphia war horse is the throwback of the two … and Oscar is something more of an on and off again fistic practitioner that has had great early success while a bit short on special skills.

Hopkins projects confidence … cool under fire … bigger hitter of the two and much more learned, without flair, but with solid text book boxing. And if given the opportunity he displays the heart of a mugger.

And while Oscar is a tough kid, he’s also been taken off the game plan when tagged by decent bangers. He will be cornered somewhere along the line, and while game and willing, he’ll not have the arsenal to survive in the trenches.

Hopkins early or late. My guess is he gets it done by halfway mark.


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