Ya'll Musta Forgot
By Jim Amato (August 13, 2005)
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That Roy spent a great portion of his first fight with Antonio Tarver with his back plastered against the ropes. He took quite a bit of punishment in that fight. More than in any other fight up to that point in his career.

Even though he probably won the first round of the Tarver rematch, Roy looked worried and a bit confused. Before the second round ended Roy looked shell shocked.

Against Glen Johnson, Roy backed in to the ropes and pretty much stayed there. Except for very infrequent bursts of a flurry, Roy was almost totally ineffective. I guess " shot " is the best adjective I can come up with. Johnson overwhelmed a flat footed and stationary Jones until uncorking the KO blow.

There comes a time in every great fighter's career that he has to realize he just does not have it anymore. No one can fight forever, not Louis, Ali or even Roberto Duran. You hope and maybe even pray that the boxer will recognize his decline and call it a day. the trouble is that boxers are a proud breed. It was horrible to watch old Joe Louis sent sprawling through the ropes by Rocky Marciano. I recall the sadness of watching the "Greatest " being manhandled by Larry Holmes. Maybe the worst one for me was watching my aging idol Roberto Duran being battered from pillar to post by William Joppy.

Based on his last three performances, Roy may be making the mistake of his life in taking the rubber match with Antonio.

Roy was a great fighter but he is not the same fighter that dominated the division for years. It is too bad that it is going to take another beating to convince Roy.

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