Audley Harrison vs Danny Williams: This May Be Interesting
By Jim Amato (November 17, 2005)
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It is hard enough to get excited about today's heavyweight division. With that in mind it seems almost unimaginable to get stirred by a match between two British battlers. Hey guess what ? There is a match coming up on December 10th in London for British bragging rights that may also have a bearing on the overall heavyweight picture.

Undefeated Audley Harrison takes on "Tyson Tamer" Danny Williams. Although the yet to be tested Harrison has had only nineteen fights to thirty seven for Williams, at 33 he is older then the 32 year old Williams.

Danny is the more proven commodity having been in with Mike Tyson and Vitali Klitschko. Nevertheless he is considered somewhat erratic. Williams will come in with a 33-4 record. He has 28 knockouts and he himself has been halted on three occasions. He is a big, strong fellow who packs a wallop. In the past his condition and his chin have been questioned.

Harrison is the current darling of the British boxing fans. He is expected to pick up where Lennox Lewis left off. He has an abundance of talent but at age 33 it is time to make a move. A win over Williams will be a definite boost to his career. It could open the door to some major bouts in the States or even against some decent European competition. A loss to Williams could just expose him as an over rated prospect.

Williams has had his day in the sun but a win over Harrison could keep him in the mix.

We are not talking world beaters here but within the big picture of a very drab heavyweight landscape, this bout has some merit.

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