Pacquiao - Morales: Don't Blink
By Tom Dickey (March 17, 2005) 
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When the announcement was made that Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales were going to get it on, most fight fans began to drool. It should be no surprise that these two warriors are going to meet, because they have a reputation for fighting anyone. Either fighter could have taken a safer fight, and not been criticized for it. Pacquiao could have taken an easy fight, and waited around for a much anticipated rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez, instead of jumping in the ring with a guy as tough as Morales. Morales, coming off an epic November loss to Marco Antonio Barrera, would have been justified to take an easier fight, and maybe tried to win a title. Instead, he chosen the guy who destroyed the guy that Morales just lost to.

If you have noticed, the Pacquiao-Morales press conferences have been far less quote and television worthy than some of Morales's pressers with Barrera. Simply put, this fight needed no hype, the fight hypes itself. Manny Pacquiao has proved himself as probably the most devastating puncher in the lower weight classes. He displayed this especially when he destroyed Barrera, and dropped Marquez three times. He has also displayed a steel chin. Pacquiao has a fan pleasing style in which he is always going forward, lands bombs, and taked some shots. The same description could be used to describe Morales, which is what makes this fight so exciting. This is one of those match-ups that gets fight fans' adrenaline rushing, because they know of the possibilities.

This fight will be at 130 pounds, something Pacquiao is not quite used to yet, he beat Barrera and drew Marquez at 126. Morales has fought a number of fights now at 130, and even dabbled into 135. I can't see the four pounds taking anything off of Manny's punching power. If the fight goes as planned, and both fighters come at each other waging bombs, then Pacquiao should have a slight advantage. But, if Morales can weather Pacquiao's onslaught he could have a chance, but that won't be easy. The southpaw factor shouldn't be a problem for Morales, because he fought Paulie Ayala who is a southpaw, and didn't have too much trouble in that fight. The fight may come down to who can survive the 12 rounds. If I had to bet, I would lay my money on Pacquiao, because Morales is suited to his style. Morales is similar to Barrera in that he will come right at Pacquiao. The type of fighter that gives Pacquiao problems is the Juan Manuel Marquez type, a fighter who can weather a storm, and stay away and box, and keep Manny off him. But, this is not Morales' style. If there is anyone who might be able to fight with Pacquiao's style it might be Morales, who is as tough as they come. Saturday night will tell.

An added attraction to this fight will be the fan bases at the fight. Pacquiao has drawn a tremendous following in the Filipino community, and is expected to be represented well on Saturday night. Morales, a Mexican warrior, will surely have a good amount of his followers also, which should add to the intrigue of this fight.

Another fight worth watching on the undercard will be the IBF flyweight title bout between Martin Castillo and Eric Morel. Castillo, the young phenom will actually move down in weight to fight the veteran champion Morel. This is a fight that the 108 pound weight division has anticipated for a long time. It will be the classic boxer vs puncher fight. Castillo brings good power, and Morel will need to stay away and box from the outside which he has done well in the past.

I would usually tell whoever's reading to be sure and catch this card on Saturday night, but if you're a fight fan you will be, so I don't even need to tell you. All I will say is Enjoy.

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