Castillo-Morel: Another treat of the Pacquiao-Morales card
By Tom Dickey (March 18, 2005) 
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If for some reason Boxing fans needed another reason to watch the Erik Morales-Manny Pacquiao fight, then Martin Castillo and Eric Morel may provide that incentive. Two of the better small guys in the world step in the ring on the Pacquiao-Morales undercard. The veteran vs the phenom, the boxer vs the puncher, champion vs champion. Eric Morel is the former WBA flyweight champion, a title he defended five times. He now moves up and looks to grab a title at 115 pounds, but in his way stands a young bull named Martin Castillo.

Morel is one of the better known flyweights in the world who was 32-0, before finally losing his title to Lorenzo Parra. At present his record stands at 35-1 with 18 KOs, and this will be his third fight as a 115 pounder. He won unanimous decisions in his two previous fights. Morel is a fun fighter to watch if you're a fan of the art of Boxing. He's a crafty, slick boxer, who avoids getting hit. It's likely that on Saturday night you will see Morel trying to stay away and trying to box Castillo from the outside. Morel, known as "The Little Hands of Steel" was born in Puerto Rico, but now hails from Madison, Wisconsin. He basically came to the forefront when Ricardo "Finito" Lopez retired and he won the WBA flyweight title, which he defended five times before losing it to Parra. After the loss, Morel decided to move up in weight and look for greener pastures.

Morel may have found those pastures as he struck a deal with Castillo to fight for the super flyweight title on the undercard of Morales-Pacquiao. If Morel can keep Castillo off of him, he has a chance on Saturday night. Morel will have to utilize his skill and speed, especially fighting at a heavier weight class. But, then again, that is what he has always depended on.

Martin Castillo finally broke onto the scene in December of 2004, when he defeated Alexander Munoz for the WBA super flyweight title. Instead of taking a light fight in his first defense, he steps in with one the better known flyweights in the world. Castillo has been waiting for a big fight for a long time. He is well known in the Southern California area as a tough, skilled action fighter who can punch. Now his opportunity has come against a well known flyweight on a big pay per view card. Castillo is 27-1 with 16 KOs. His only loss came in controversial fashion in his other title shot against Felix Machado. The fight was stopped after six rounds due to a cut on Castillo caused by an accidental head butt, which took the fight to the cards where Castillo lost. Many observers felt Castillo won, and had the momentum his way when the fight was stopped.

Castillo is almost the opposite of Morel, he comes forward and throws a lot of punches. He would love to lure Morel into a brawl. Castillo will be making the first defense of his title on Saturday night, and what a tough first defense it is.

So, if you're planning on checking out the Morales-Pacquiao fight on Saturday, don't forget about Morel-Castillo also, because you might get a great 2 for 1 special.

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