Fernando Vargas: Looking towards Oscar not Mayorga
By Tom Dickey (August 18, 2005)
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Former world titlist Fernando Vargas had a lot on his mind Tuesday when he spoke to the press during a conference call for his upcoming WBC eliminator bout against Javier Castillejo on Saturday night. He also answered questions about a possible future fight with Ricardo Mayorga, which for those hoping to see that fight will probably have to wait a while. Vargas also discussed his bad feelings towards the WBC, his good feelings towards Oscar de la Hoya, and praised his new trainer Danny Smith. Here's a little of what he had to say.

-On his future plans- Everybody know that I'll fight anybody, but this fight with Castillejo is the only fight on my mind right now.

-On Ricardo Mayorga's performance this past Saturday- I heard he looked horrible.

-On possibly fighting Mayorga- His manager Rolando Arellano intervenes- We will not accept the WBC mandatory position to fight Mayorga. We will not fight him under the terms of the WBC or Don King. We are not going to give him 50 or even 40% for the fight, when Fernando brings in everybody and Fernando is the draw. Fernando would bring in 12000 people and he would bring in 2000. The only way we would fight Mayorga is if it is on our terms, Fernando's the draw here.

-On working with his new trainer Danny Smith- Since I've been working with Danny Smith, my sparring partners who sparred with me before Danny say that I'm a totally different fighter. They have told Danny and Rolando that my offense and defense are out of this world.

-On his change of styles- In my last fight I still had some ring rust that I was trying to work out, but now during training I just hear Danny say just keep doing what you're doing. So, the changes are fewer and smaller.

-On his conditioning- My conditioning is great. I've trained to the point where I've almost over trained. What I've learned under Danny Smith is amazing and he's said that I picked it up quicker then anybody he's ever seen.

-On his ideal future opponent- I would love another opportunity at Oscar. For him to say he would fight me again shows the type of champion and fighter he is.

-On his new fitness coach Robert Ferguson- My fitness regimen and diet has been much better with Robert. He proved that to me in my last fight. He keeps me at 154 the healthy way. I feel it's unfair for me to fight at 154, because I feel so strong. Used to I would eat hard boiled eggs and drink Nyquil to go to sleep and cut weight, but now I'm doing it the right way.

-On the WBC- This fight with Javier was supposed to be for the title and then they stripped his title and made our fight an eliminator, and let Mayorga fight for the title. What's he done to deserve a title shot. They (the WBC) need to realize that we make them, they don't make us. They feel they make champions, no champions make them. They feel they can force things, but when was the last time you saw the WBC sell a pay per view or sell tickets.

-On Winky Wright- Winky says he'll never fight me, he says that I need him. I don't need him. I'm grateful that Oscar is going to give me another an opportunity. Winky tries to act like we need him, and that's funny.

-What if Danny Smith was with Vargas his whole career? If I would have had Danny Smith with me earlier in my career I would still be undefeated. But it's ok, because I learned a lot from those 2 losses. Danny has opened my eyes. I see things that I never saw before.
Sparring partners have told them that I can't hit this guy, or I can't figure this guy out. These are the same guys who sparred me before I was with Danny.

-On the benefits of having 15 months off- It helped me out with rest and it invigorated me. I was coming off 2 tough fights and now I feel rested and like a new man. The time off was great for rest, and I thank God for it.

-On fighting outside of Las Vegas in places like Texas and Chicago- I go there and people are fanatical. I'm so humble for this and thank God for it. I'm so grateful for it, because without them I'm nothing.

El Feroz will be in action on Saturday night August 20th against Javier Castillejo in a WBC eliminator from the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago. The fight can be seen on HBO's Boxing after Dark. Also on the card will be an interim WBC featherweight bout between former U.S. Olympian Rocky Juarez and Humberto Soto. The show will be promoted by Main Events.
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