Guess Who is not afraid of Ann Wolf? Interview with Laila Ali
Interview by Tom Dickey (November 15, 2004) 
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Laila Ali has taken Women's Boxing by storm. Many people at first thought that she was riding the coat tails of her father, instead she become one of the most dominant female fighters in the world. She is 19-0, and has a demolishing KO win over former top lady Christy Martin. Laila is just looking for new challenges, and she was gracious enough to sit down for a few minutes and talk to me about her future. Here's what she had to say.

QUESTION: Who are you fighting next?

LAILA ALI: Leatitia Robinson on February 11th. She is 12-0 with 8 KOs and has an extensive amateur background.

QUESTION: Besides yourself, Ann Wolfe is one of the most talked about fighters in Women's Boxing. Is this someone that you would be interested in fighting?

LAILA ALI: Definitely, I think when her name is mentioned, my name usually gets mentioned along with it. Because she's a strong fighter, and she looks scary, people want to see us fight each other. I don't think that it would be a good fight. I think Ann Wolfe can give out more than she can take, and I don't think she can even give out that well. The one girl that she fought that was actually close to my size, Valerie Mahfood, I knocked out twice. Then she fought a girl who fights at 148, and went the distance with her. Then she fought another who ain't nothing the other night and went the distance with her. Ann is actually smaller than me, a lot of people don't realize that, because the way she looks. I'm a natural 168, and she's like a natural 154.

QUESTION: You have already accomplished a lot in Boxing, how much longer do you plan on fighting?

LAILA ALI: Well there's not that much left out there. If we could actually get that fight with Ann, it would be nice if we could actually get that fight going. They say they want to fight me, but we've had a contract ready to fight on three different occasions, and every time it's fell through. We even put her on the undercard of Christy Martin and I, so that she could be seen by the public, and we could promote our fight next. Then they gave us problems and backed out of the contract. Then they keep telling the public that it's me, I don't have anything to be afraid of. Leatitia Robinson is the fight I'm looking forward to, because she's been fighting for 15 years, has 40 amateur fights, and is undefeated. She's the only girl that is undefeated, she's slick, and she actually has skills. I have already faced big girls, strong girls, I've never faced someone like Leatitia, who has the skills which she brings to the ring. So, I'm looking forward to that fight.

QUESTION: Is Jackie Frazier-Lyde someone you would be interested in fighting again, or would that be a step backwards for you?

Put it like this. If she wants to get whooped again and they want to pay me right, then I'll do it again. But, it's not something or somebody that I'm thinking about. But, if they pay me, of course, I'll give her what she wants.

QUESTION: How's your Dad doing?

LAILA ALI: (A huge smile spreads across her lips) He's good, he's very good.

QUESTION: If you could change one thing about Boxing, what would it be?

LAILA ALI: The mental and physical damage that comes with it is what I would change. As far as business is concerned, I would have more women fighting on major networks, like HBO and Showtime, so we could be seen on that level.
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