Mayweather-Mitchell: 'It's All About Being A Legend
By Tom Dickey (November 18, 2005)
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Pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be back in action on Saturday night against former world champion Sharmba Mitchell. Mayweather is coming off a dominating victory over Arturo Gatti, and now moves up to 147 pounds to take on Mitchell. The fight can be seen on HBO and will take place from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. Mitchell has suffered two losses in the last five years, both against Kostya Tszyu, and knows this might be his last big shot at a big name.

Both fighters participated in a conference call on Tuesday with the press, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. was a different man. He was very humble and respectful towards Mitchell, and didn't boast like we have heard him do in the past. Both fighters seemed focused, and soft spoken about their fight. Here's a little of what they had to say...

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

-On Sharmba Mitchell- I'm not looking past Sharmba. I look at every challenge as my biggest challenge.

-On his lack of trash talking for this fight - It doesn't matter, on November 19th you will see the same old Floyd. There's no reason for me to bad mouth this guy. He's 56-4 and a former world champ. So, I'll let my talking happen in the ring.

-On whether he thinks he's the best fighter out there - When I beat Genaro Hernandez and Angel Manfredy back when I was 21 years old and was fighter of the year, I kept telling everybody out there that I'm the best. I'm 16-0 in world title fights. I just want to put on the best shows and to please the fans and the media.

-On the competitiveness of Sharmba Mitchell - A lot of people are saying that Sharmba Mitchell is not a #1 guy, but none of the number ones will fight me. But, Sharmba's a solid fighter and we are going to give everyone a great show.

-On the importance of this fight - This fight sets us up to fight for the welterweight championship. It's all about being a legend. Thirty years from now I want people to say that I was a great fighter.

-On his current state of affairs - I'm not complaining. I love fighting for HBO, and I love fighting with Dan Goossen.

-On his preparations for this fight and the new weight - I've been working with Leonard Ellerbe, and I actually feel stronger at 147, and come Saturday we'll see how I am at 147. I have been working with a number of sparring partners. One of the main guys that I have been working with is DeMarcus Corley, who is also a crafty lefty.

Sharmba Mitchell

-On being a big underdog for this fight - I don't worry about being the underdog, that's something that the bettors decide. Floyd's a great fighter, but that will bring the best out of me. So, I like being the underdog.

-On Floyd and the fight - Floyd reminds me of myself when I was coming up. I like to see him fight, because he can do a lot of the same things that I can do. I know this fight will bring out the best in me, because I'm fighting one of the best. At the end of the day it's about being a legend in this sport. I've been around awhile, and am near 60 wins. I've fought people that his Uncle has fought, like Rocky Lockridge. If ya'll don't watch on Saturday night, you'll be missing something.

-On what style of fight he plans to fight - I'm plenty experienced, so adapting to his style will be no
problem. Whether it's Boxing or brawling, adapting will be no problem.

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