Who Will Remeber And Who Will Want To Forget 2005
By Tom Dickey (December 30, 2005)
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With only a few days left in 2005, it's time to look back at the past year. 2005 was a great year for some fighters, and a year others would like to forget. For some fighters it was a year that had its ups and downs. Here's a look at some fighters who will always remember 2005, and some who will try and forget the past year. Here's also a look at some who had both their ups and downs in 2005.

Those who will remember 2005...

1- Ricky Hatton- Hatton had a year that he will never forget. He stayed unbeaten and shocked pound for pounder Kostya Tszyu in June, becoming the world super lightweight champ. He then capped the year by adding the WBA belt with a KO of Carlos Maussa. Hatton added to world title belts, including the distinction of knocking off the recognized 140 pound champion.

2- Diego Corrales/Jose Luis Castillo- One of the most memorable things of 2005 was the two Corrales-Castillo fights, especially the first one. These two fighters will forever be linked to this year, and will forever remember 2005.

3- Antonio Tarver- Tarver started the year by avenging his loss to Glen Johnson. He capped the year by winning his rubber match with Roy Jones Jr. Just to add icing on the cake, Tarver landed a role as Mason Dixon in the upcoming Rocky 6 movie. Certainly a year that the Magic Man will remember.

4- Jermain Taylor- Two wins over Bernard Hopkins makes for a pretty memorable year. Taylor went from prospect to undisputed middleweight champion in 2005.

5- Floyd Mayweather Jr.- Floyd continued his dominant reign with his biggest win coming over Arturo Gatti. Mayweather was one of the few pound for pounders that didn't slip up in 2005.

6- Jeff Lacy- Lacy continued his reign as IBF super middleweight champion with three dominant defenses against Rubin Williams, Robin Reid, and Scott Pemberton. The Lacy train kept rolling in '05, and he has big plans for '06 with a scheduled bout up coming with Joe Calzaghe.

7- Zab Judah- Judah has had a long road since losing to Kostya Tszyu, but he finally made it back when he avenged a loss and knocked out Cory Spinks in February to win the undisputed welterweight title. Judah also added an easy victory over Cosme Rivera. A memorable 2005 for Judah, the question will be is Floyd Mayweather in Zab's plans for '06.

8- Antonio Margarito- Margarito got some much deserved recognition earlier in the year when he destroyed Kermit Cintron on ESPN's first PPV event. Margarito continued to show he's a force in 2005.

9- Zahir Raheem- Raheem shocked the world, and many Los Angeles boxing fans when he upset Erik Morales earlier this year. A win that surely made 2005 a memorable one for the former Olympian.

10- Roman Karmazin- Karmazin made 2005 memorable when he shocked Kassim Ouma for the IBF junior middleweight crown. He also rose up in '05 and showed that he's a player in the division.

11- Israel Vazquez- Vazquez closed the year in grand fashion with a TKO win over rival Oscar Larios. The win made Vazquez the undisputed super bantamweight champion.

12- Rafael Marquez- Marquez continued to be the top dawg amongst the little guys. He continued his reign as bantamweight champion with wins over Silence Mabuza and Ricardo Vargas.

13- Lamon Brewster- Brewster emerged as one of the top heavyweight titlists in 2005 with impressive wins over Andrew Golota and Luan Krasniqi. With Jessie Reid now in his corner, Brewster was one of the few heavyweights who had a nice 2005.

14- Martin Castillo- Castillo also continued his title reign in the 115 pound division. Castillo added a victory over former titlist Eric Morel. A memorable year Castillo in his first full year as a champion.

15- Humberto Soto- Soto shocked a lot of people when he upset phenom Rocky Juarez to win the WBC featherweight title. A title belt and a huge upset make 2005 a memorable year for Soto.

16- Jorge Barrios- Barrios shocked a lot of people by the way he destroyed big time prospect Mike Anchondo to win the WBO junior lightweight title. He followed that up with with a promotional deal with Golden Boy and two more wins in his homeland of Argentina.

Those who would like to forget 2005...

1- Bernard Hopkins- Two back to back losses for B-Hop. Enough said. But, the way Hopkins lost the fights makes 2005 a year that he would like to forget.

2- Kostya Tszyu- Kostya saw his reign as junior welterweight champion end at the hands of Ricky
Hatton. Something that Tszyu would like to forget ever happened.

3- Johnny Tapia- Tapia was knocked out by a body shot by a guy named Sandro Marcos, who had a record of 24-13. For anyone who saw the fight, a sad sight to see for this once exciting, great champion. In Tapia's other two fights he managed to eke out wins against the likes of Frankie Archuleta and Nicky Bentz.

4- Roy Jones Jr.- If 2004 wasn't bad enough for Roy, he added to it in 05. He lost again to Antonio Tarver, and looked overmatched in doing so. Like '04, 2005 is a year that Roy and his supporters would like to forget.

5- Chris Byrd- A frustrating year for the IBF champ. Byrd expressed frustrations with his promoter Don King, frustration with not being able to set up heavyweight unification fights, and had fights fall through everywhere he turned. His only fight of '05 was a snoozer against DaVarryl Williamson.

6- Cory Spinks- Spinks was knocked out by Zab Judah early in the year, losing his welterweight title. Then he fell off the map, not fighting again for the rest of the year. 2004 was a year to remember for Spinks, but 2005 was one to forget.

7- John Ruiz- The heavyweight snooze fest suffered two defeats and on the second try finally lost his world title. He first lost his belt to James Toney, but got it back when Toney tested positive for Steroids. He then went to Germany, and lost to little known 7 foot giant Nicolay Valuev. To top matters, he also severed ties with his vocal manager Norman Stone.

8- Vivian Harris- Harris lost his WBA junior welterweight title in shocking fashion when he was knocked out by little known Carlos Maussa. This after he had called out nearly everyone in the division. A very forgettable 2005 for Harris.

9- Felix Trinidad Jr.- Tito lost all his come backing momentum when he was dominated by Winky Wright. Winky made Tito look like an amateur for most of the fight. After the loss Tito went back into retirement. A year to forget for Tito.

10- Kassim Ouma- Right after signing a big promotional deal with Golden Boy, Ouma went out and got shocked by Roman Karmazin, losing his IBF junior Middleweight title.

11- Kermit Cintron- Cintron saw his phenom status get thwarted when he was decimated by Antonio Margarito on the ESPN PPV earlier in the year. Cintron is now slowly starting the climb back. Certainly 2005 is a year that Cintron would like to erase.

12- Mike Anchondo- The 130 pound phenom came into the year on fire winning the WBO 130 pound crown. He then gave up the title on the scales going into his fight with Jorge Barrios, and to top it off looked horrible in getting destroyed by Barrios.

13- Vernon Forrest- Forrest continued to get nagged by injuries and continued his turtle like climb back up the rankings. All Forrest was able to do was muster wins against the likes of Elco Garcia and Sergio Rios. The Viper's slow progression made 2005 a forgettable year.

14- Juan Manuel Marquez- A frustrating year for one of the sports best unnoticed stars. Marquez was hoping to land a big money rematch with Manny Pacquiao, or land a fight with Marco Antonio Barrera. Instead his only fight of 2005 was with Victor Polo.

15- Carlos Hernandez- 'Famoso' suffered two very controversial decision losses in 2005. First he lost a questionable split decision to Jesus Chavez. Then he got flat out robbed losing a decision to Bobby Pacquiao. A tough year for 'Famoso' in '05.

Those who were both Up and Down in 2005...

1- Vitali Klitschko- Klitschko went into the year as heavyweight champion. He then got saddled with injuries which forced him to postpone his scheduled fight with Hasim Rahman three times. Rather than rehab again, Klitschko chose to retire.

2- Erik Morales- 'El Terrible' began the year with a huge victory over Manny Pacquiao. He then came down when he was shocked by Zahir Raheem in Los Angeles.

3- James Toney- Toney defeated John Ruiz to become the WBA Heavyweight champion. For a short period of time Toney had gained another world title. Shortly thereafter Toney was stripped of the belt when he tested positive for steroids. Definitely an up and down year for Toney.

4- Rocky Juarez- 2005 started promising for Juarez as he destroyed former world champion Juan Carlos Ramirez, and finally gained a world title shot. But, it went down when Juarez was upset by little known Humberto Soto for the WBC featherweight title.

5- Winky Wright- Winky hit a huge peak when he scored an easy win over Felix 'Tito' Trinidad. But, like in the past Winky could not get a big fight afterwards. He moved up to middleweight and defeated Sam Soliman in uneventful fashion.

6- Jesus Chavez- Chavez started strong with a big split decision win over Carlos Hernandez. He then won a world title, but the competitor he fought to win the title Levander Johnson, died after the fight. Certainly an up and down year for the 'Matador.'

7- Brian Viloria- Viloria's year was more of a down to up year. He began the year with a win over Ruben Contreras, but was mortified to find out that Contreras had fallen into a coma after the bout, and was fighting for his life. Thankfully, Contreras survived the ordeal, and Viloria bounced back winning his first world title with a 1st round KO of Eric Ortiz to win the WBC flyweight title. Viloria dedicated the fight to Contreras.

8- Fernando Vargas- Vargas started the year with high expectations. He came in with a new style and a new trainer (Danny Smith). But, he scored two uneventful wins over Raymond Joval and Javier Castillejo, which kind of thwarted his expectations. To top it off Vargas and his camp were also frustrated by the WBC for overlooking them and awarding the WBC 154 lbs. belt to Ricardo Mayorga. Vargas was originally slated to fight Castillejo for the same belt. Better things could be in store for Fernando as he has Shane Mosley lined up for 2006.

9- Shane Mosley- Like Vargas, Shane started the year with high hopes and a new trainer (John David Jackson). He was hoping to regain his old form, but instead looked dull with two uneventful wins over David Estrada and Jose Luis Cruz. Like Vargas, better things could be in store for Shane in 06, as he has a fight with Vargas lined up.

10- Robert Guerrero- 'The Ghost' was cruising along most of the year with some impressive wins, moving up the rankings, and gaining exposure. But, Guerrero ran into a fork in the road when he was upset by Gamaliel Diaz late in the year.

11- Jose Luis Castillo- Castillo lost an epic battle with Diego Corrales earlier in the year. In the rematch, Castillo failed to make weight sparking controversy going into the fight. But, Castillo did cap the year with an impressive KO win over Corrales in the rematch.

12- Diego Corrales- Certainly an unforgettable year for Chico. His comeback win over Jose Luis Castillo in the first fight will be remembered for a long time. But, Castillo took a little downer when he was knocked out by Castillo in the rematch.

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