Morales-Pacquiao One Tough Call
By George J. Elsasser (March 15, 2005) 
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The best advice I have concerning this coming Saturday HBO PPV super-featherweight special between Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao, is don’t go to the ice box or the lav until the action ceases.

Especially at the going rate of $45- to watch it at home … for sure, this one could end early or late. It’s all about styles between two legit power punchers.

Prior to the Pacquiao-Barrera fight I knew zilch about the flailing Filipino southpaw … and like most of the uninitiated watching the kid for the first time, I too was in near shock as he dropped Barrera early while en route to a TKO win.

And then the Juan Manuel Marquez barn burner … and surprise again, when the lightning-like fisted Pac-man drops the Mexican legend not once but three times in the opening candle. The left hand carried more than speed, but lethal power as well - and only a courageous champion like Marquez could survive the early onslaught.

A lasting image from the Marquez fight that ended in a draw, was seeing the Mexican champion waging battle with a nose that was broken as early as stanza two - and Pacquiao showing his mettle while overcoming an early round cut to the right eyelid.

As for Morales, what more than bringing up the trilogy with Marc Antonio Barrera … enuf said on that note alone.

So, what he have is a pairing of bombers … Erik "The Terrible" with the big right hand and Pacquiao with matching power from the port side.

It’s just a hunch; the guess here is the "Peoples choice" of Kibawe, Philippines gets it done over the "Pride of Tijuana" - the big intangible favoring Pacquiao comes under the heading of a bigger energy supply.

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