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Tyson - Williams Revisited
Commentary by Elisa Harrison (August 9, 2004) 
Photo © Tom Casino
I take my hat off to Danny Williams for keeping the faith, for staying true to himself and for giving it his best effort under circumstances some would have considered hostile at best.

The referee did everything he possibly could to help Tyson, who -among other things- used his head in a fashion that would make 'Vander proud. The infractions Tyson perpetrated on Williams were numerous and blatant, yet, he didn't even get an admonishment for any of them.

Danny Williams however, wasn't so lucky. He lost a point for a so called late hit on a break and for a not so low low blow. In the end, none of it mattered, as Danny Williams prevailed, exposing Tyson for the pathetic washed up fighter he is.

Where does Tyson go from here? Well, I am sure his handlers will continue to make a circus oddity out of him, cashing in whenever and wherever possible.

As for Williams, he may not be the most fluid but he certainly is a gutsy fighter, and with the state of the heavyweight division being what it is, Williams' heart and determination might just be the recipe for top rating.

One last thing, the knee injury... How hurt was Tyson when he went down and rested against the ropes? His left leg was clearly propped up, his right knee didn't seem to be hurting him, and when the comedian subbing as referee managed to finish his suspiciously long count, Mike leapt to his feet without as much as touching the canvas to help himself up. And as Danny Williams also pointed out, Tyson left the ring of his own accord; walking away without any sign of discomfort and without assistance.
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