From Hitter to Quitter, Freitas says "No Mas"
By Kenny Perrault (August 9, 2004) 
WBO lightweight champion Acelino Freitas met Diego Corrales in a highly anticipated fight Saturday night at the Foxwood Resort, in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Acelino Freitas wasted no time in the opening rounds coming out with a very fast pace, working mainly on the outside, using his legs and speed to confuse Corrales who came straight forward, following Freitas around the ring.

Taking a page from Floyd Mayweather's book -who beat Corrales using his quick hand speed and movement- Freitas seemed to be well on his way to an easy victory as Corrales just couldn't get his punches off. As the fight wore on you'd get the feeling that it was only a matter of time before Freitas' fast pace eventually slowed, giving Corrales the opportunity he had been looking for. That opportunity arose in the eighth round when Freitas stopped moving and got caught on the ropes, letting Corrales unleash a big right followed by a left hook to Freitas' head that sent him to the canvas.

Freitas would easily beat the count but lost his mouthpiece while on the canvas forcing referee Michael Ortega to call time to get the mouthpiece rinsed out. After the round continued Freitas used his legs to stay away from Corrales, which allowed him to survive the round. Acelino came out for the ninth round on what seemed like steady legs, once again moving around, making Diego come after him . Late in the round Diego would hit gold again, this time landing a big right hook that would send Freitas to the canvas for the second time. The Brazilian rose from the canvas but like in the previous round he lost his mouthpiece once again. This time referee Michael Ortega took a point away from Freitas for losing his mouthpiece.

The tenth round would mark the end for Freitas as Corrales hurt Acelino sending him fleeing from further punishment. Corrales would eventually catch up with Freitas landing a left right to his head again sending him to the canvas. Freitas would regain his footing and listen to referee Michael Ortega's count. When asked to come forward by Ortega Freitas waved his hand indicating he wanted to end the fight.

Diego Corrales was credited with a tenth round TKO at the time of 1:23. Corrales captures the WBO lightweight title and improves his record to 39-2 ( 32 KO's ) while Acelino Freitas suffers his first professional defeat falling to 35-1 ( 31 KO's ).

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