Samuel Peter Needs an Impressive Stoppage Over Williams
By Stephen Jones (December 4, 2004) 
(L) Samuel Peter - weighs in at 247
(R) Jeremy Williams - weighs in at 226
Photo © Tom Casino/SHOWTIME
Tonight sees one of the most promising rising heavyweights take his next steps towards the top of a muddled divisional mix up. Duva Boxing's Nigerian prospect Samuel Peter is to face probably his trickiest task to date in the shape of currently on form Jeremy Williams who is by no means a shrinking violet.

Williams is rolling off of two impressive victories and sees Samuel as just another day in the office. On his day Jeremy is a potential threat to any heavyweight he tears it up with, depending on which mental state he chooses to adopt on the night. Williams has already made it vocally clear in the run up to this fight that he fancies the job and intends to expose Peter as just another also ran, and suggests that Samuel's nightmare moniker is just a figment of the Nigerian's imagination.

Jeremy, a native of Long Beach and a veteran of 12 years and 46 fight professional experience, has a point when he indicated that if Samuel is a genuine solid threat he should be putting a halt to the likes of Charles Shufford and Jovo Pudar inside the scheduled time limit to be considered serious championship material.

Samuel Peter is currently 20 victories unbeaten, and although all of his wins have been very decisive, he needs to get the shrewd boxing fraternities tongues wagging soon, with the disposal of the Shuffords and Pudars or any other limited opposition being an absolute must.

I remember a time when Jeremy Williams was in the same position that Peter is in now, a prospect in an exciting heavyweight mix, and to be truthful, he did walk his talk and put more advanced and often bigger opposition away with impressive power for a heavyweight who at the time was considered a physically small specimen; so he does know a thing or two about his chosen subject.

The bottom line is that Samuel Peter may have to start gathering some impressive stoppages over a slightly higher class of opponent and there would be no better way of starting with a concise night's work against Jeremy on a good internationally showcased stage tonight ...
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