Tito Trinidad: It doesn't get much better...
By Jeff Mayweather (October 4, 2004) 
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On Saturday night, October 2nd, from Madison Square Garden, the boxing world was in for a much anticipated treat as Ricardo Mayorga and Felix Tito Trinidad put it all on the line. The fans were in for what easily has been the best fight of the year.

The fight started out with a blistering pace, much like that of Marvin Hagler vs Tommy Hearns. Mayorga came straight at Trinidad, throwing windmill nonstop punches, trying to plant a seed in Tito's mind that coming back and fighting him was the biggest mistake of his life. Unfortunately for Mayorga his macho act lit Tito's fire and immediately took effect near the end of the first round. Mayorga was clearly winning the round, but just couldn't resist the temptation of showing the boxing world how great his chin is against one of boxing biggest hitters. Mayorga stuck out his chin unprotected as he did in one of his previous defenses against the former Welterweight Champion Vernon Forrest but the effects and results of his actions would be a little different this time around. Trinidad landed two hooks to his head, the second one having a visual effect on Mayorga as he started to wobble, although he was still aware enough to play it off as though he was alright. However, what happened right after that let everyone know that Trinidad was back and seemed to had awaken all of a sudden, almost knocking Mayorga out near the end of the first round.

In the second round Tito appeared to had shaken the ring rust after having been away from the sport for two and a half years. Trinidad started finding his range with his jab in the second; the pace was still furious throughout and it was still give and take from both fighters but the flow was starting to favor Trinidad.

In round three came the first knockdown of the fight when Mayorga landed a wild, looping overhand right that caught Trinidad behind the ear, causing him to lose his balance and one of his gloves touched the canvas forcing the referee to call it a knockdown. The punch, although not devastating, did appear to affect Trinidad as Mayorga jumped right back on the attack and got the best of Trinidad before the round ended.

Round four would prove to be pivotal for Trinidad as he finally made an investment to the body with a left hook to the liver that was obvious as Mayorga raised his leg alluding to the serious effect of the punch.

In round five Tito was in rare form as he landed almost every punch he threw and they all had bad intentions written all over them, as he pounded Mayorga with vicious hooks and right hands throughout the round that would easily make a judge inclined to give Trinidad a 10-8 round even without a knockdown. It appeared as though Mayorga was on his way to being knocked out but was saved by the bell here.

In round six it was evident that Trinidad was back to himself, as he stayed on top of Mayorga. Just as he was taking complete control, he landed a shot below the belt to Mayorga's hip which allowed the Nicaraguan to get a short break from the action and regain much needed fire. The respite appeared to inspire him once again as he came out with a vengeance and jumped right back on top of Trinidad, finishing the round strong.

Round seven was more domination by Trinidad and once again he landed a shot below the belt and to Mayorga's hip, only this time it was out of the view of the referee. Mayorga turned his back looking for the arbiter to intervene but this time around referee Smoger said continue to fight instead, and Trinidad kept on his attack winning the round clearly.

The eighth round would be vicious for Mayorga. His demise would start at the 1:39 mark as Trinidad landed an extremely powerful left hook to the body that would send Mayorga to the canvas for the first of a brutal series of knockdowns to come. The second knockdown would come from a strong right hand after a combination of shots to the head. Mayorga, too brave for his own good, would get off the canvas again only to once again feel the powerful Trinidad hook that would have the referee stepping in and calling a halt to the fight at 2:39 of the eighth round.

This fight was inspiring and much needed for boxing with so many over-hyped fights that never even came close to the hoopla and promotional build up that had people racing to their phones to purchase this must see events, only to be let down or disappointed.

Even in defeat Mayorga has made himself an attraction and a fan's favorite, and of course Trinidad has made it clear that he is back and ready to reclaim his throne as Puerto Rico's Number One Star. If you purchased this Pay Per View event tonight, you had to be satisfied with what you witnessed as far as boxing entertainment goes. It doesn't get much better...

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