Is Roy Jones Jr. Biting Off More than He Can Chew?
By Chris Robinson (July 30, 2005) 
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I can't deny that I was both excited and worried when I heard the news of a possible rubber match between Roy Jones Jr. and Antonio Tarver. Excited because Jones is one of my favorite fighters of all time and I was hoping somewhere deep within he would find a way to leave the fight game on top. Worried because Roy has lost back to back fights by devastating knockouts and appears to be a shell of the fighter he once was. Going up against Tarver, the man who starched him in May of last year, appears to be a deadly game in itself but like they say, 'The show must go on' and come October 1st it looks as though we will be treated to Tarver-Jones III on HBO Pay Per View.

This is a move by Jones that was unexpected from my viewpoint and if the two Light Heavyweights do meet up in center ring it will be over a year since Jones has last laced up the gloves. People can talk badly about Jones until the sun comes up but the bottom line is that he was a champion, a great one at that, and the fire seems to be back inside him. Going up against Tarver, who convincingly defeated Glen Johnson last month, looks to be a mountain too steep to climb for the Pensacola native but maybe he knows something we don't.

As a Jones fan, I have admired him and stood up for him over the years. As his career started I wasn't the biggest of fans, but I found myself in awe of his talent over and over again and was won over by his charisma and talent. He truly did become one to root for and come October 1st, if everything goes through, I will once again be rooting for him. The situation seems bleak and I have to favor Tarver, but for whatever reasons I can't count Roy out. Maybe it's just the fan in me, but I want to see a great champion have one more great night. You never know, this is boxing after all.

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