Can Oscar De La Hoya alter the Future of Boxing?
By Vittorio M. Gomez (December 2, 2004) 
Photo © J.P. Yim
The once heralded Olympic boxing gold medalist, now in the twilight of his career, has successfully launched his promotions company, Golden Boy Productions. His transition from pugilist to promoter will transcend the sport and will change what is perceived as boxer/fighter and, much to the need of the sport, change the protocol of boxing promoters and how they are viewed by the general public.

In the wake of both boxers and trainers alike being investigated for alleged fight-rigging, comes Golden Boy Promotions, whose owner happens to be one of the freshest faces and refreshing personalities in the sport, in recent memory. Oscar de la Hoya will embark on an ambitious road to not only provide great fights for fans, but he will also attempt to increase that very base by bringing integrity to a much misaligned industry and take its notoriety mainstream.

With his boyish good looks, profound knowledge of boxing and kind demeanor, it is his onus to capture the interest of the apathetic world at the same time, reviving a game in which openness and truth are marred behind a veil of deception and corruption. Oscar’s could be the new face of boxing and with the increasing call for tighter regulations and more legislation for boxer safety and protection, Oscar could very well build his promotions company to new heights and become a fan favorite promoter eschewing the current regime of Arum-King.

Golden Boy’s success continues as his recently signed Marco Antonio “The Baby Faced Assassin” Barrera overwhelmed the 2-1 favorite Erik “El Terrible” Morales to a majority decision this past weekend at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Defeating Paulie Ayala prior, Barrera has once again solidified his ranking among the elite fighters and his trajectory is leading him on a collision course with neo-nemesis, Manny Pacquiao
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