This one is for the Lady’s
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This one is for the Lady’s
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Jan 2, 2015)

Lady Boxer - Girl Boxing
We all know that boxing is predominantly a sport of a man waging war against another man in a ring. But, we have to hand it to the girls in gloves who go toe to toe against one another as the men do. So, in my years of conducting boxing interviews, and watching the sport, I offer up a handful of my favorite woman fighters.

I got my first taste of two ladies in the ring back in 1996. To be brutally honest, aside from a couple of girls in the Golden Gloves at our local gym, I never witnessed two women going at it. But, that all changed the night of March 16, 1996 on the Mike Tyson vs. Frank Bruno undercard. Sure, we all tuned in to witness Tyson regain back his heavyweight title, but, what we seen before the main event, was something brutal, as well as beautiful. Beautiful brutality I might say.

A bloodied up Christy Martin going toe to toe against a rough a rugged Deirdre Gogarty, in what was a sensational slugfest. We were all in awe that night of these two lady warriors.

Years later when I began writing for Doghouse Boxing, I had the opportunity to interview Christy Martin; in fact, I got acquainted with her and her former husband Jim. Christy was a great interview, as well as extremely down to earth.

Martin had a great career, some might say a pioneer for women’s boxing. It was heartbreaking that she nearly lost her life in 2010 from the hands of her ex-husband. But she found redemption. And from what I have heard, she is happy.

I always liked Sumya Anani, very humble sweet lady. Now, she and Christy Martin did not like one another, Anani defeated Martin 1998, handing Christy her first loss in nearly nine years. And when they spoke of each other during interviews, it was not pleasant. March of ’98, she scored a big upset by defeating Andre DeShong. She sent me a Yoga DVD years ago, I tried it, and did not get very far into it, I am in no way, that damn loose or limber.

The only lady’s I fear in life are my Momma, my wife, and Ann Wolfe. Ann Wolfe is a tough hard hitting Texan who did not mind swapping leather. During her career she only tasted defeat one time, and probably has the most brutal highlight reel of women’s boxing, being a first round vicious knock out over then unbeaten Vonda Ward. She now trains, and does a pretty good job of it. I only wish she could have got the fight with Layla Ali, I believed Wolfe would have taken the overhyped Ali out.

Shelby Walker’s boxing record was not something to brag about, but what I loved about Walker was that win, lose or draw, she was a fighter. She was a beautiful young lady, who was a fantastic interview. Most do not know, but, she way well on her way to being the first lady to compete in the UFC octagon. I do not know what fell through with Dana White, but she was in talks with the UFC. Unfortunately she passed away in 2006. She will always be remembered as, Shelby “ShelbyGirl” Walker. R.I.P.

One of my favorites has to be the “Road Warrior”, Kelsey Jeffries, a little 5’5” badass from Cali. Although she is coming off an upsetting loss, she is still to me, tough as nails. Fast footwork, crafty style, and just one great attitude, what is not to like about her. And, if you ever want some inspiration, go to her Facebook page, she is filling it up with great quotes, and pictures of her dog.

I have interviewed a slew of lady fighters, these are just a few that stick out in my mind. And kudos goes out to Sue Fox for what she does over at WBAN.

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