Big Dog’s Bits and Bites: Deontay Wilder, the Patriots, WTF Jermain Taylor and more
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Big Dog’s Bits and Bites: Deontay Wilder, the Patriots, WTF Jermain Taylor and more
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Jan 21, 2015)

Big Dog’s Bits and Bites
Big Dog’s Bits and Bites
You know, I honestly felt that I was just writing to be writing, and I honestly believed that the only one reading my rants was the editor, but, with the emails that I have received, I feel the love, and hate that my thoughts and opinions bring to the readers of Doghouse Boxing. So here is another helping of Big Dog’s bits and bites, enjoy.

Wilder wins without a KO?

What is this world coming too? Deontay Wilder did not knock somebody out? All though I had to get up at 3 AM the next morning for work, I stayed up for the Stiverne/Wilder match-up. They took center stage around 10:30 PM, and I told myself, with the two heavy handers, I’ll be in bed by 10:45 and sleeping like a baby. Ten minutes till midnight I was crawling in bed in amazement it went twelve rounds.

There were a lot of questions going into this match-up, mostly all the Q’s were about Wilder. Could he go more than four rounds, could he take a punch, actually box etc. In my humble opinion, he answered the critics tenfold. Out jabbing, out boxing, and out working Stiverne taking the WBC title via Unanimous Decision. He is the first American to have a title since ole Shannon Briggs. The sad thing is, there are still the haters giving the young man grief. You cannot win for winning. Dear Deontay, please beat up Tyson Fury!

Deflation causes a stir!

In 2007 there was Spygate, now in 2015 there may be Deflategate. Could the Patriots be at it again? Cheating? No way Jose! The Patriots who soundly defeated the Colts this past Sunday have been accused of using improperly inflated balls. (That sounds funny) The Pat’s who will be taking on the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIK, is now under investigation for the foul. Unfortunately if found guilty of foul-play, it will not void the victory over the Colts, and although possibly cheaters, New England could very well be champions once again. I thought cheating only happened in boxing? Dear Deontay Wilder, please beat up Tom Brady.

WTF Taylor?

Has Jermain Taylor taken too man punches to his noggin? The former undisputed middleweight champion has fallen on some dark times as of late. August 26th he allegedly shot his cousin, trial is set for June. Recently he allegedly hurled a brick at a woman, no charges were filled, now, this past Monday, he allegedly pulled a gun, popped off some shots and threated a family, including children. So a lot like his mind, his upcoming fight against Sergio Mora is off.

I wonder, if the man on something, did those ass whippings damage his thought process? Whatever it is, I just hope it is dealt with before somebody innocent is hurt. Oh, check out his new bizarre face book video. Dear Deontay Wilder, please knock some sense into Jermain Taylor.

Hollywood Doucebags

Freedom of Speech is often frowned upon.

In no shape, form or fashion am I taking the sides of Seth Rogan and Michael Moore on their quotes on the new movie, about the deceased former Navy Seal sniper, Chris Kyle, “American Sniper.” But, I have to say, right or wrong, they have the right to speak their minds.

Moore, who in my opinion, is nothing but a sh*t starting ass bag liberal, has made a career out of ruffling the feathers of the American people. And he is at it again with his, “snipers are cowards” remark. Now the “Knocked Up” star Seth Rogan has chimed in with his thoughts.

Here is my take on it, I do feel their comments were out of line, I do not feel anybody in our US military are cowards, but, these men and women have died for assh*les like these to have their opinions. I say, instead of Fox News and everybody else even taking notice of these types of people, they only fuel the fire. Ignore them.

And a congrats to one damn good actor, Leam Neeson, although I respect your opinion, you are a hypocrite and now on my list of ass-hats. You make millions on movies that have unlimited killing scenes with guns, and then you spew against gun ownership. Hollywood doucebags. Dear Deontay Wilder, please beat up Tyson Fury, Michael Moore, Seth Rogan and now Leam Neeson. And knock some sense into Jermain Taylor.

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