Robert Guerrero steps back into the Dog House: "You better bring your hard hat Mr. Thurman!"
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Robert Guerrero steps back into the Dog House: "You better bring your hard hat Mr. Thurman!"
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Feb 27, 2015)

Robert Guerrero
Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero
Robert Guerrero will face Keith Thurman in the co-main event of the debut Premier Boxing Champions on NBC broadcast on March 7. In this exclusive interview, conducted by our very own "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., "The Ghost" Guerrero steps back into the Dog House...

"Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr.: Robert, once again thank you for stepping into the Doghouse. You have a big fight coming up on NBC March 7th against an undefeated Keith Thurman. Give the readers your thoughts on that match-up.

Robert Guerrero:
This is going to be a very tough fight. Keith Thurman is considered one of the most avoided fighters in boxing. Anytime you face a young undefeated fighter it’s not going to be a difficult task, but one I’m confident I can overcome.

BH: As I just stated, Thurman is undefeated, and to go along with that unblemished record, he has some heavy hands. Looking at his style, what do you feel are his strengths that could pose a threat, and what kinks in his armor do you feel you can expose?

Thurman’s power is second to none in the welterweight division. On paper he’s got one of the highest knockout percentages. With that being said, I will have to be aware of his power punches which are his strengths. As far as his weaknesses, we see some things we can expose, but you’ll have to wait until fight night to see our game plan.

BH: Your thoughts on Thurman’s confidence on being victorious against you come fight night? Could you say that he may very well be overlooking you?

You know Benny, in this sport you have to be confident at all times. So I don’t see anything wrong with him saying he’s going to win. On fight night he’s going to find out real quick that I’m not like any fighter he’s faced. I don’t think he’s overlooking me. He’s training hard because he knows this is the biggest fight of his career.

BH: Does the trash talk get under your skin, or is it more of motivation?

It’s definitely motivation when I hear Thurman say he’s going to knock me out. But these are the things he’s supposed to say when you’re trying to hype up a fight. None of that stuff gets under my skin. On fight night we’re going to get busy and that’s all that matters.

BH: What can the fight fans expect from “The Ghost” come fight night?

I’m going to leave everything in the ring and the fans can expect a great fight. I envision my hand being raised after the fight and being crowned the new WBA champion.

BH: In closing, is there any message you would like to send out to Thurman using Doghouse Boxing as a platform, as well as a message out to the entire fight world?

You better bring your hard hat Mr. Thurman, because I’m coming to work laced up ready to throw down. I want to thank my sponsors Reebok, Shoe Palace, CrossFit, and Rogue Fitness, as well as the fans for all their support. In addition my team is great and I love them for all they’ve done for my career. Thank you and God bless.

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