Bronco Billy steps into the DogHouse: “I want to be the oldest heavyweight champion ever!”
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Bronco Billy steps into the DogHouse: “I want to be the oldest heavyweight champion ever!”
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Feb 28, 2015)

'Bronco' Billy Wright
'Bronco' Billy Wright
The year was 1986, gas was around 86 cents a gallon, Ronald Reagan was president, NASA’s Shuttle Challenger blows up on live television, and Mike Tyson becomes the youngest heavyweight champion. That same year, a young man by the name of Billy Wright made his professional boxing debut. Fast forward to 2015, and that young man is now fifty years old, in a sport that many feel is for young men. Times have changed, but seemingly Wright’s hunger has not. Coming up March 13th in Fort McDowell, AZ, Bronco Billy Wright 46-4- (37 KO’s) will battle a much younger Gilberto Domingos 22-2 (20 KO’s) in a ten round heavyweight match-up. In this exclusive interview, we speak with Billy, on his upcoming bout, his career, and reason for fighting on, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr: Billy, first off, thank you for stepping into the Doghouse to give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming fight and career, my first question is, and I mean no disrespect, but at age fifty, why fight on?

Bronco Billy Wright
First let me say my goal is to become the oldest heavyweight champion of the world. In my early years I fought Michael Moorer and Frans Botha on short notice. Tony Tucker and Dave Yonko as well. In all those fights, which were losses, I had very little time to prepare. I can honestly say, I've never lost a fight that I had time to prepare for. I want someone to beat me on an even playing field. For these reasons I continue to fight.

BH What do your family and friends think about you fighting on. Are they for or against it?

I have a lot of support from my family because they know how hungry I am to become a world champion. I take care of myself and I still have a lot of fight left in me.

BH Man, I am really not trying to harp on your age. But, how has the training regime changed from training and sparring at the age of thirty, to the age of fifty?

Training now is so much more different than it was in my younger years for the simple fact that I am a smarter fighter. I have that old man strength. It's kind of hard to describe but I feel like the Hulk when I'm in the ring. People say I have Hulk fists and I kind of agree with them. They do a lot of damage. (Smiling)

BH What do you know about your upcoming opponent, like his style, strengths and weaknesses?

I don't know much about my opponent. All I know is he has a very good record and a high knock out percentage. And he's about 20 years younger than me.

BH What do you feel you bring to the heavyweight division?

I feel I bring a lot of excitement to the heavyweight division. My knockout percentage is decent. There is no heavyweight like me fighting right now at my age. I'm rated number 17 in the WBC and hold three belts, the WBC Latino, FECARBOX and USNBC.

BH Being brutally honest with yourself and the fight world, can you see yourself fighting for a major world title in the near future?

Like I said before my goal is to become the oldest heavyweight champion of the world. When I'm fully prepared for any fight I feel I can beat anyone in the world.

BH How much do you feel you have left in the tank?

I have as much in my tank to become heavyweight champion of the world and then some.

BH Anything you would like to add to or say in closing of this interview?

I'm willing and ready to fight anyone in the top 10. The question is...are they willing to fight me? If you’re a fighter willing to fight me, then let's get it on! I want to thank all my supporters, everyone on Team Billy and those who are riding with me on my quest to become heavyweight champion of the world.

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