Unforgettable Trash Talkers: Part: Two
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Unforgettable Trash Talkers: Part: Two
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (July 10, 2014)

"Prince" Naseem Hamed
"Prince" Naseem Hamed
In the first installment (Part One), we covered one of the most influential trash talkers in the boxing world, Muhammad Ali, one of the utmost feared trash talkers in, Mike Tyson, and one of the slickest trash talkers being James Toney. Now, we carry on paying homage to the most colorful pugilists in the world of boxing.

Paulie Malignaggi (33-6, 7 KO’s)

I remember interviewing Paul back when he was a young undefeated prospect. His brash Brooklyn accent, straight up in your face shoot from the hip kind of fellow. But although he had that mentality, he was actually an enjoyable individual. Paulie had the speed, the skill and will to defeat a fighter; yet, he did not possess the power or the pop to awe the crowd. But, where he lacked on the heavy handed side of the game, he knew how to build himself up for a fight.

He is not quoted as much as the others mentioned before, but his pride, unwillingness to back down in a shouting match, and especially the back and forth riff raff between he and Adrien Broner had to land the, “magic man” on the list of trash talkers.

Unforgettable Quotes

“They put everything that's wrong with boxing in one room, did everything that's wrong with boxing in that room and gave birth to Adrien Broner and you people are eating it up.”

“There's an Adrien Broner in every urban gym in the United States. A guy like that exists everywhere. I see them all the time. A lot of them don't have the help Adrien Broner has. Adrien Broner is there because of Al Haymon.”

“I don’t give credit to guys (Pacquiao) who hide and duck from random drug testing while accomplishing things that seem pretty amazing,”

Adrien Broner (28-1, 22Ko’s)

You cannot have Paulie on the list without this guy. Broner is the type of guy, you couldn't make yourself like, even if your life depended on it. Sure, he is a decent fighter, he has talent, he has some skill, but, his damn personality makes you want to whack his ass with a boat paddle. From filming himself on the toilet flushing money down the drain, to his Pop combing his hair after each fight, and making a racist remark, he has a special kind of cockiness people love to hate. He is rude and crude, but, he knows how to sell himself. He may not be Mayweather, but, his mouth sure helps him sell the seats.

Unforgettable Quotes

“Call me the ‘CAN-man’ ‘cause anybody can get some, Mexi-CANs, Afri-CANS, Ameri-CANs, even republi-CANS.”

“I fight, knock them out, have some sex and Monday I’m back to hitting bags and kicking ass.”

“I am the biggest face of boxing right now. That’s how I feel. I am the greatest of this era.”

"Prince" Naseem Hamed (36-1, 31 KO’s)

You have to admit, in 1997 when it seemingly took Hamed forever to make his way to the ring to face Kevin Kelly, all the way up to 2001 when Barrera handed the Prince his first and only loss of his career, fans were praying that the mouthy UK star would get his ass handed to him. His mouth, his cockiness, and his unorthodox style kept the fans tuning in fight after fight. In hopes of witnessing Naseem eating his words, which he did, and we fans loved it. It would appear that Broner took a the blue print from Hamed, you make them hate you, so they will pay to see your demise. Hamed had one fight after his loss to Barrera, and after that, never returned to the ring. Many still remember his style, but a hand full more probably remember his mouth just as much.

Unforgettable Quotes

"Damn, I'm looking good!"

“To be honest, Amir Khan is a different weight to me and I think he is going to get bigger but there is one thing that I have always stuck to and I always will do; I will never fight another Muslim. I might spar with him or teach him a few tricks but, even if there was a billion dollars on the line. I would never get in the ring with another Muslim. It is against my principles.”

“Should he be in the ring with me? I picked the best, I picked a fighter who is a better puncher and more dangerous than Barrera and Morales!”

Coming up, part three of the most Unforgettable Trash Talkers.
(Part One)

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