Unforgettable Trash Talkers: Part: 3
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Unforgettable Trash Talkers: Part: 3
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (July 15, 2014)

Bernard Hopkins
Bernard Hopkins
Flamboyance, brash, crass or trash, call it what you will, but the art of trash talk has become a significant part in the fight world. Tempers flare before a bout, two warriors who are about to wage war at times feel the need to taunt their upcoming foe, get under their skin, break their confidence, get inside their heads. In this final installment we pay homage to some of the most unforgettable trash talkers that have ever graced the ring.

Bernard "The Alien" Hopkins (55-6-2-2, 32 KO’s)

What can you say about B-Hop? He went from prison to pugilistic brilliance. The oldest fighter to ever gain a world title, and at 49 years he is showing up father time. A defensive fighter who could make the best look sloppy, and besides his boxing skill, his mouth rounds it off. He knows how to get into the head of the opposition, and he has done it well for nearly three decades as a professional fighter.

Unforgettable Quotes:

“Once you get old, your worst enemy is youth. Ask some housewives that. Ask some corporate guys that, but every once in a while you get something different…and that is me. I am the most health conscious, clean-living person on earth.”

Recently, Hopkins told Doghouse Boxing: ”I’ve got everything working against me. I’m forty-nine. We’ve been talking about Father Time since I was thirty-five when I fought Felix Trinidad. You remember that? I was an old man then. I have to be the educator. I don’t mind doing that. It shows that I’m on point."

Hopkins also told Doghouse readers: “If a ninety-year-old lady gets sanctioned by a world-wide boxing commission – I’m going to box her like she’s a young Mike Tyson.”

The Mayweather’s

Strong boxing abilities run deep in the Mayweather family, as does trash talking. If you have ever seen any interview with either Roger, Floyd Sr. or Floyd Jr. then you have witnessed their ability to piss off the masses with their mouth. At times, their talk is simply silly, then at times it's just plain comical. And you cannot deny them their due when it comes to respect in the ring, or loathing them at times due to their mouth.

Unforgettable Quotes:

Floyd Sr. “He knows how I am. He knows I’m the kind of guy I am that I won’t be listening to that BS and that I’m going to attack!”


“Most people don’t know sh*t about boxing!”

Floyd Jr.

“I got a big mouth.”

Riddick Bowe (43-1, 33 KO’s)

Former undisputed heavyweight champion, at one time he was a force to be reckoned with. He had skill, will and power to boot. His three bouts with Holyfield will go down in history as hellacious heavyweight scraps. But, his vocal output was almost just as much as his jab output.

Unforgettable Quote:

"Lennox came on to me...he's a homo and I'm not."

I have to add this in closing, when I first met Bowe; he was making his comeback in 2004. After he defeated Marcus Rhode, the media surrounded Riddick and began to fire away questions. I asked, “do you feel you will regain a heavyweight title?” Bowe, responded, “does a frog bump his ass when he jumps?” He went on to say, “what is your name, because your new name is tubby.”

There are a lot more fighters out there who are solid trash talkers, but, these were some of the ones that I personally liked. Oh, and Bowe, he never regained back his heavyweight title, and my fat butt, well, I have lost weight. Take that Big Daddy!


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