White + Rousey Still Don’t Equal a Floyd Mayweather
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White + Rousey Still Don’t Equal a Floyd Mayweather
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (July 22, 2014)

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather
What can you say about UFC president Dana White? Not only is he a savvy business man, he is the face and president of one of the most popular MMA organizations in history. He knows the fight game, he has a knack at making some interesting fights in the UFC, and probably one of his greatest accolades is his mouth.

White is brash, ballsy, and at times, just a plain a-hole. But, he has been a man to get things done just as he sees fit. He doesn’t mind swapping words with anybody around the fight world; he has done so with a handful in the UFC, including combatting the sport of boxing. In 2007 White waged the war of words with Top Rank’s Bob Arum. White stated that Arum was sucking the life out of boxing, as well as being the dumbest promoter in the history of the world. Of course, Bob fired back.

But this article is not about that past feud, that fire has gone out. I would like to touch on the subject of White, Rousey and Mayweather.

Rhonda Rousey, the first lady competitor in the UFC. She is undefeated in ten bouts, 4-0 in the UFC and is the UFC Bantamweight champion. She has skill, the style and beauty to bring in the fans. And she just as White, can talk a good game. She has been known to belittle opponents, but you cannot blame her for that, that is the way of the fight game, get in their heads with your words, then beat them senseless with your fists.

We know promoters, fighters, managers etc. like to trash talk, trash talking leading up to the fight, boiling over in the press conferences, calling out your opponent in the media is a way to put fans in the seats. But, there comes a time when the trash talking is a bit like my mother-n-laws Christmas turkey, overdone, and I feel the talk between Rousey and White evening mentioning Floyd in a fight is as tasteless as that dry turkey.

This is the deal, in most cases, if you throw a boxer in the cage, under MMA rules; the upper hand automatically goes to the one who has been trained in the mixed martial arts. That was proven when James Toney went in the cage in 2010 against UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture. Randy took Toney down and submitted the boxing legend. But, let’s get real here, why couldn’t the organization turn the tables and throw the two in the cage or ring, and use boxing rules only? Although some might disagree with me, the majority out there who actually know fighting, would side with me in saying Toney would have put Couture through a boxing clinic.

Now we have Rousey, a lady with an attitude, who for some reason feels the need to spew about beating Mayweather. I myself am not a huge fan of Mayweather, I believe he is excellent at his craft, but his fights are boring at times. And for other reasons, I am not a big fan. But then again, you have to give the man his due. And in my humble opinion, although it being a publicity stunt by Rousey, I find it a bit appalling to hear Rhonda even make the suggestion she could defeat Floyd in any kind of fight. And for White to disrepute Mayweather for commenting on Rousey’s statements is a bit baffling as well.

Floyd apologized for calling out Rousey, and for that, I cannot comprehend. There was no disciplinary action from the UFC when Rousey called Chris Cyborg, “an it.” White defended Rousey then, as he is with this whole Mayweather mouthing now. This is my humble opinion on the entire fiasco.

As I stated before, White is a great businessman, an excellent salesman, he has helped bring the UFC to the empire it is today. He knows how to push buttons; he knows the ins and outs on creating publicity. This is a great stunt. Rousey, she is a force in the cage, you cannot deny her abilities. But, before she goes calling out the likes of the P4P King Floyd Mayweather, maybe she should call on Ann Wolfe to come out of retirement and face her in the ring. (Wolfe beats her ass), and as far as the cage goes. Let’s forget about possibly facing Gina Carano or Holy Holm just yet, the UFC should make a bout between Rousey and Cyborg.

And although you cannot deny neither Dana White nor Rhonda Rousey for their accomplishments, White + Rousey still don’t equal Mayweather.

Food for thought, for the ones who have gone on the media trash talking boxing versus the MMA, I am a fan of both. And this goes out to a certain someone who is prominent in the sports media; you said a boxer never beats a MMA fighter in the cage? Let us remember in 2009 when a then fifty-year old former world boxing champion Ray Mercer, put the former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia to sleep within nine seconds in a CAGE match.

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