Blake Franklin Interview “Cody Richard will not know what to do when he faces me!”
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Blake Franklin Interview “Cody Richard will not know what to do when he faces me!”
Interview conducted by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Aug 4, 2015)

Blake Franklin 12-7-2 (3KO’s)
Blake Franklin 12-7-2 (3KO’s)
Coming up this Saturday night at the Evangeline Downs Casino in Opelousas, LA, welterweight prospects will collide in what Blake Franklin 12-7-2 (3KO’s) calls a career defining fight when he faces Cody Richard 16-2-1 (9KO’a) in a scheduled six round bout. Franklin, who has been out of the ring since April of last year, says he is healthy as well as raring and ready to get back in the mix of things. In this exclusive interview Franklin speaks out on his upcoming bout and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr. Give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming match-up against Cody Richard.

Blake Franklin
It is going to be a great fight, Cody and I were going to fight a few times but it did not work out one way or another, so now we are just going to go at it. We shall see who the better man is. Somebody asked me the other day who did I plan on upsetting the favorite. I told them I do not think he is the favorite, I have fought tougher competition and tougher guys. I have a couple more losses on my record than he does, but that is because i am not afraid to travel and fight. He just recently fought in his hometown and got knocked out. So I am not the underdog, I am healthy and ready to show my talents.

BH You speak about health, you have been out for a good period of time now, do you feel this is the fight you need coming back after a long layoff?

I have actually had separate training camps for four fights that did not happen. Ring rust is something to think about. Cody is a good fighter, he is a gentleman, he and is family are good people. But, I do not think he is on my level. I think he has an amateur style, I really do not feel he has a lot for me to worry about. He has a great record, it is a great opportunity for me. Would I have like to have gotten a tune up, sure, but sometimes things does not always work that way. I have not been allowed to have many tune ups. But, this is my fight, this is going to lead to bigger fights.

BH What would a mean to your career?

I have certain things that have been offered to me if I do win. It will open doors for me. I have a great new coach, Jake is great. He is a great coach. We have a great strategy for this fight. I have not been this excited for a long time.

BH What can the fight fans expect from Blake Franklin come fight night?

Expect an in our face fight, you will see me do a few different things. You will see me box, brawl and bang. He is not going to know what to do. I am going to be coming forward the entire time, it is going to be fun.

BH You used to compete in the MMA, you done with that?

Oh, I am done with that, I would much rather fight standing up than grappling on the ground. I am a a boxer. Now, I would love to kick box again, but I have no desire to get back on the ground and roll around.

BH Any message you would like to send out to your opponent and fans?

I would tell him to come ready to fight. I am ready, I have no excuses, just come to fight. We are going to put on a show. This fight will define his or my career.

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