Rances Barthelemy steps into The Dog House - Interview
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Rances Barthelemy steps into The Dog House - Interview
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Oct 2, 2014)

Rances Barthelemy
Rances Barthelemy - 20 Wins (12 knockouts), 0 Losses, 0 Draws, 1 No Contest
This coming Saturday at MGM Grand Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut, Rances Barthelemy takes on Fernando David Saucedo. Barthelemy (born 25 June 1986 in Cuba) is the current IBF Super Featherweight Champion. In this Interview, we welcome Barthelemy into the Dog House to give us his thoughts on his upcoming challenge and more. Enjoy!

"Big Dog" BENNY HENDERSON JR: You have a big fight coming up against Fernando Saucedo, please give the readers your thoughts on that match-up?

This is very tough fight for me but one I feel I can win. He has the advantage in experience but I’m undefeated and I have more fights then him if you count the amateurs.

BH: We know earning a title is not an easy task, but, which do you feel will be the hardest part, winning the title or defending the title and remaining a champion?

Well since I already won the title, keeping it will be just as hard if not harder. When you are the champion everyone is coming to take your title. Fighters train extra hard when there is a title on the line, so I’m training harder and smarter than ever before.

BH: Let's look back on your earning the title, what was running through your mind when you were crowned champion?

All I can think about was how hard I worked to get to this position. Leaving Cuba to pursue my dream of becoming a world champion is all I ever dreamed about and it finally happened. I was a great feeling.

BH: Saucedo has a ton of experience and is on a 14 fight win streak, so he is most likely coming in full of confidence. Do you feel that could make him more dangerous with that confidence, or could it be his downfall?

He’s a very dangerous fighter who hasn’t lost a fight in many years. I must break him down from the opening bell. That’s what I’m going to do.

BH: Looking at your style matching up against his, how do you see this fight playing out?

I’m a boxer puncher but I’m going to be a bit more aggressive in this fight. I’m going to be throwing a lot of hard shots so hopefully I can stop him. I’m prepared to go the distance if I have to though.

BH: Any message you would like to send out to your upcoming opponent?

I’m hoping we can both put on a great show for the fans but one thing is for sure…I’m coming to win and win impressively.

BH: Anything in closing?

I just want to thank Al Haymon, Luis Decubas Jr. and my entire team as well as my family all my fans for all of their support. God bless.

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