Thoughts on Mike Tyson and his Comical Quotes
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Thoughts on Mike Tyson and his Comical Quotes
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Nov 3, 2014)

"Iron" Mike Tyson
"Iron" Mike Tyson
What can you say about the man known as Mike Tyson?

He was a troubled youth who grew up hard, a street wise thug who was picked off the street by boxing manager and trainer Cus D’Amato to be educated in the bang for your buck sport who made boxing history. As a mere man he has been labeled as a drug abuser, a convicted rapist, a womanizer, and ticking bomb that could go off at any moment on anybody and everybody around him. He has found fame, fortune and failure all in one lifetime. Amongst all of that, he has become an icon.

What can you say about the fighter known as “Iron” Mike Tyson?

He was crowned the youngest heavyweight champion of all time; he is a former undisputed heavyweight champion who wreaked havoc on the big boys in the division. A hall of fame fighter who put fear in the hearts of many who stepped in the ring with this beast of a brawler. Power, speed and intimidation, he possessed the tools of the trade that made him an icon.

Although Tyson has never been touted as the greatest of all time as Ali has been proclaimed to be, many have placed him in the top of the crop when it comes to great heavyweight champions. And on the other side of the coin, there have been many critics who have demanded Mike was an overrated fighter who was groomed to be champion, spoon fed opponents and fell when tested by elite level of competition.

Quick victories or mid round losses, Tyson could pull the PPV numbers. Tyson once said that he could sell out Madison Square Garden by simply masturbating.

With wins over the likes of Berbick, Holmes and Spinks, Tyson found stardom in the ring, even his upset losses from Douglas, Holyfield and Lewis, the fans flocked in the arena’s and paid big money for PPV to see the champ. At his peak, Tyson seemed invincible, and his entourage rode his heals like hungry dogs in search of food. He has been used and abused from a former promoter, as well as so called friends. And in his decline as a fighter, a fighter who lost the will, the skill, and heart for the sport, the shell of a warrior helped launch the careers of not so well known fighters as McBride and Williams, into “Tyson Conquerors”, his loss, was their career gain.

Nearly ten years removed from the ring, and Tyson is still a household name. From TMZ, local to major media outlets, Sirius XM Radio and his highly touted one man show, “The Undisputed Truth.” Regardless of what the man does, he is still sought out by the media. Some who really want to ask wholesome questions, and a few who try to rib the guy into snapping on them and they ending up in a one minute highlight reel for all to see.

Tyson has been in a few movies, has a new book, an animated series, it seems as if the fighter may have been defeated, but, you cannot keep the man down.

New revelations have emerged when Tyson just recently spoke out about being sexually abused as a child. Which in his mind may have contributed to the crazy outbursts at times, and fed his inner demons.

Regardless of good or bad, right or wrong, win or lose in the ring or out, Tyson the fighter, and Tyson the man remains a fixture in American pop culture.

Here are a few comical as well as unforgettable quotes from Mike Tyson.

“I'm a Muslim, but I think Jesus would have a drink with me. He would be cool. He would talk to me.”

“Lennox Lewis, I'm coming for you man. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat his children!”

"White boy, f*ggot, you can't touch me you're not man enough, I eat your ass all alive, you bitch, can't anybody in here f*ck with this, this is the ultimate. F*ck you, you hoe! Come say it to my face, you bitch. Come on you bitch, you're a scared coward, you're not man enough to f*ck with me, you can't last two minutes in my world bitch. Look you scared now, you hoe. Scared like a little cracker bitch. Scared of the real man! I'll f*ck you till you love me."

Here is one of my personal favorite Mike Tyson quotes.

Well, a bit of a back story first. In August of 2013, I was able to sit down and chat it up with Tyson. You have to understand, I grew up looking up to Tyson. From Tyson’s Punch Out, to sold out PPV’s, I spent my cash on his goods. Moments before the interview I was on a conference call with Tyson, I sit on the line for nearly an hour, and was passed up by many in the media for questioning. Some had reasonable questions, others were just jerks. Either way, I was left out. Within ten minutes after the call I was on the phone with Tyson who was actually catching a cab to head to another shindig for his new promotional company. For ten years I have interviewed a slew of athletes, musicians, actors, celebrities etc. I have grown used to it, the shine had worn off. But when I began to speak with Tyson, I stumbled over my words. So Tyson responded, “Come on Benny, shoot, you my ni*gga, we cool, ask away.”

That seemed to ease me, so I fired off question after question.

After the interview we stayed on the line for a bit just shooting the breeze when I jokingly said, “this is an honor Mike, I am going to tell all my friends that Mike Tyson called me his n*gga.”

And his response is one of my favorite quotes to date, “nah man, n*gga can mean a lot of things Benny, it means you my boy, n*gga could mean that’s my homie, or n*gga can mean you one sorry mother f*cker!”

Mike will be Mike.

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