5 Good Guys of Boxing
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5 Good Guys of Boxing
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Dec 22, 2014)

John Scully
John Scully
Throughout the years with being involved in the boxing business, I have come across all sorts of characters. Looking from the inside out you get to see the dark side of the business, something that the average fan can only speculate. But, with the fighters, writers, promoters, trainers, managers, PR personal etc., I have met some wonderful people. And here are some of the good guys that I have met in the boxing world, and the reasons why I like them.

John Scully

If you were around the AOL boxing chat rooms around 2003-2004, you have seen this name pop up. A former light heavyweight contender turned world class trainer. They call him “Ice”, but, his stories are far from being cold. He is probably one of the most approachable fighters to walk the face of this earth. Actually, he was my very first interview when I broke out for Doghouse Boxing the summer of 2004. He is extremely knowledgeable, and is more than willing to spread his experiences through his stories. I would like for him to finally get his book finished so we could all live out his endeavors.

John Bray

What a guy. Former amateur standout, whose professional career did not take off, he is a former sparring partner of Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. He is one hell of a trainer. Regardless of what Team Guerrero might have said during a one time interview, John helped Robert get the world title. He is one of the most humble cats I know in this business. I remember when I had my two little wanna be pro fights. On fight day, I called only three people, my wife and kids, my pastor and John Bray. His advice on how to jump in the ring was useful; his witty ways are humorous, and his honesty on his right and wrongs in life has made him even more likeable. Oh, and all though he may not encourage this, he did knock out Tyson during sparring for one of the Holyfield fights.

Jameel McCline

Big time McCline, a four time heavyweight title challenger. Standing 6’6”, he is intimidating, but, don’t let that fool you, he is one great guy. I remember the candid interviews, but what I remember most about him, was his kindness. On one occasion, I was a month or so out from my debut fight, I was with him the night he stopped Andy Sample in just one round. Afterwards we were eating and we were speaking about my upcoming fight. He asked me if I had everything in check, I explained all I needed were the boxing shoes. So his team and I went to his room and he gave me his white Pony’s he wore that night. A few months later, in the same ring, the same arena, and with the same shoes he had worn, I won in the same round he had just won in months before. And what really makes him a great guy, a dark time in my life, I was battling alcohol. He caught wind of it and called me, and his words were so spiritual, so motivating. I didn’t quit drinking but hey, he cared enough to call me and offer up help.

Chris & Tracy Byrd

Never did I imagine when I was watching Chris Byrd back on Tuesday Night Fights, that I would one day call him friend. The former WBO/IBF heavyweight champ has always been a standup guy in my book. Strong in his Christian faith, his morals and family values are to be respected. I met the two in Vegas years back, and interviewed Chris from time to time. One night in Dallas, Chris was doing a spot with the Best Damn Sports Show, for the Holyfield fight. All though Chris was surrounded by these cats preparing for the program, he and Tracy took the time out to speak with me, treated me like I was one of the gang, that doesn’t happen much. The two are just all around great people.

Lamon Brewster

I interviewed the former WBO champ shortly after his victory over Wladimir Klitschko. Lamon was pretty laid back, and extremely humble, easy to talk to, and a gentleman. But what he did for me what something extra special for me. After the interview we continued talking for nearly an hour. I told him when he comes to Texas, I will be ring side. Just a month later, I was ringside for he and his fight with Meehan. I was automatically one of his crew. Since then we have formed a bond of brotherhood, that even our political differences have not broken.

Because of Lamon, I have been able to commentate, ring announce, work publicity and do so much more than I would have ever done. He has been more than a friend to me, but a brother. And he is one of the good guys of the boxing business.

These are just a few people I have come across. So when you think the sport is just some twisted dark place, remember, there are some good guys in the sport of boxing. .

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