“Let’s Go Champ!” My Case for Klitschko / Briggs
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“Let’s Go Champ!” My Case for Klitschko / Briggs
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Dec 22, 2014)

Shannon Briggs
Shannon Briggs
If you are a fight fan, then the title alone should tell you who I am writing about. It has been echoed across YouTube, if you are his friend on Facebook, you see it daily, either at a press conference, local eatery’s, ocean side, in his living room, so on, and so on. Shannon Briggs, a former world heavyweight title holder, who can now add, Shannon Briggs, “the salesman” to his resume. He has been stalking and taunting the heavyweight kingpin, Wladimir Klitschko for months now. Although it seems a bit staged, it is actually a bit entertaining.

I have known Shannon Briggs for years, and all I can say is, he is probably one of the most colorful characters that I have ever come across. That man doesn’t have an off switch when it comes to mouthing off at people. And when he does it, he does it in a way, it is sheer entertainment.

Since losing to Wlad’s older brother, Vitali back in 2010, Briggs made his way back in to the ring eight months ago and has pounded out six consecutive victories, all but one via first round knockout. Granted the recent list of fallen foes for Briggs are nowhere near the caliber of Klitschko, Briggs is beginning to spark some interest when it comes he and Klitschko.

With Klitschko’s recent victory over Pulev, it seems as if everybody who has some kind of ranking is screaming they want a shot at Klitschko. It has been rumored that the unbeaten Bryant Jennings could be next in line for Wladimir, but, if those terms cannot be met, Briggs could be a possible back up plan for an April bout in New York.

Wilder is tied up with Stiverne, do the fans really want to see a rematch against the likes of Povetkin or Chagaev. Tyson Fury wishing to face off against Klitschko is an absolute joke. As well as some of the others who rank amongst the top fifteen in the heavyweight division. For most, the fight would just big payday for them, nothing more.

Now, let’s throw Shannon Briggs in the mix.

Nope, not the most talented fighter in the division, but, he has experience, he has a damn good chin, power in both hands, and he is a much better draw than the ones just mentioned. Especially if that fight could take place in the Big Apple.

Shannon could make this an interesting fight with his power alone. I am not saying he would win, not saying he would lose, just saying it could be the most intriguing fight we have seen Klitschko in, in a long time.

I say, give Bryant Jennings his shot, he earned it. But, if they cannot come to terms, let the old man get one more shot. Either he could shock the world and earn another title, or he could get his ass handed to him and the, “let’s go champ” videos will come to a screeching halt.

Either way, what is the worse that could happen?

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