Top 5 Fighters Fans Love to Hate
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Top 5 Fighters Fans Love to Hate
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Dec 22, 2014)

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Hate, loathe and despise are actually strong words when it comes to describing your feelings on certain fighters, but, there are fans around the world who garner such thoughts when it comes to the ones they do not root for. In reality, they root against particular fighters for various reasons. Here are five fighters that the boxing world loves to hate on, and I guess I have hated on them a time or too as well.

5. James Toney

You have a fighter here who was slick in the ring, a defensive genius you might say. The multi weight class former champ had the goods to make his mark in history. But it was not his style that made the fans groan and moan when they heard his name. He had a mouth on him that would make a sailor blush, he would show up to fights looking like he had a spare tire around his waist, and when he did step in the ring, he fought at a boring pace. Although he has this persona about him, I have been told on occasion by people close to him, he is actually a nice guy. And with the conversations I have had with him, he was actually polite.

4. David Haye

Former cruiserweight/heavyweight title holder David Haye had to make the list. A cocky Brit who overran his mouth before and after fights made him a poster boy for haters. I actually had to block somebody on Facebook years back when I wrote an article on Haye. His fans are funny. I guess what made it boil over was all the trash talk before the Klitschko fight, after his defeat; his toe was the deciding factor for his loss he explained. Excuses.

3. Naseem Hamed

Talk about talent. Although I never heard of Hamed until his 1997 showdown against Kevin Kelly, after I witnessed a seemingly forever ring entrance, it didn’t matter what he did in the ring, after that, he was disliked. That fight was a splendid one though. He was the fighter people wanted to see get beat. So it was a joy for the masses when he met Barrera. Like him or not, he was talented, and a congrats on the induction into the Hall of Fame.

2. Adrien Broner

Honestly, I do not think I would have to go on any further, boxing fans can see the name and it pretty much says it all. Flushing money down the toilet, his foul mouth in and out of the ring, his Pops brushing his hair after every bout, he seems like a total douchebag. His antics in and out of the ring have taken away people looking at his talents, and more on his antics. The argument between he and Malignaggi was quite entertaining, but Broner eating the big L sandwich from the hands of Maidana was even more entertaining. And again, I have heard he is a cool cat out of the spot light, but, when you’re flushing money down the crapper in trying to be cool, when there are families who could use that to feed their children, well, it makes you as total ass in my book.

1. Floyd Mayweather

If I see him pop shot the mitts with his dear old uncle again while looking into the camera, I may puke. Talented, extremely talented at that, but, his cockiness and sheer I am better than you attitude has honestly left a sour taste in many boxing fans mouths. People love to hate this guy, win, after win after win, people still hate.

Is it from jealousy? I mean the man can make more money in a round that most will make in life time. Although he is a future Hall of Famer, and he has yet to taste defeat, and possibly never will, he has to be the most favorite fighter for the fans to hate on. Just think if he does get a blemish on his record, there will be a parade.

Yes, Tyson Fury should have made the list, but, I let him slide. Although these fighters are loathed in some form or fashion, for whatever reason they are hated on, they have my utmost respect for stepping in the squared ring.

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