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Malcolm Tann steps into the Doghouse: “The Showstopper is back!” - Interview
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Dog House Boxing (Oct 8, 2015)

Malcolm Tann
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At one time, heavyweight prizefighter Malcolm Tann 23-4 (12 KO’s) was a force to be reckoned with. He was a fan friendly fighter who put on exciting fights for the fans, and was making a big splash in the heavyweight division.

But after suffering an elbow injury and having back to back defeats, 2007 would be his last year to participate in the sport of boxing. But after seven year from the ring, the “Showstopper” is raring and ready to get back in the heavyweight mix.

In this exclusive interview, we will get the thoughts from the former fighter on his past, present and future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr. You have been out of action for over seven years now. What has been going down in the world of Malcolm Tann?

Malcolm Tann
Well, I have been raising my family, being a family man. Going to school. That was not enough for me. I missed boxing. I had an urge to get back in the ring. I had a desire to get back in the ring, and I need to do this. I feel like my first time around, I had ability, I had passion. but being away from the game, it was hard, it is engraved in my DNA.

BH Why did you step away from the boxing world?

I sustained an injury to my jabbing arm. It prevented me from using it as an offensive weapon. I did not want to throw my jab because every time I threw it, it would be in so much pain. So in my last couple of fights I was basically a one armed fighter. I came home a little bruised up and my wife did not take to kindly to that. I told her if I lose two fights in a row i wold hang the gloves up, so she made me keep my word. I was thinking well, I am not 100% I might as well shut it down. But, these years later, I have healed fully and properly and I am stronger, my arm is super solid now. I am using my jab the way I did when I first started boxing. My arm is free of pain and bringing nothing but pain to my sparring partners.

BH With being off for so many years, how do you feel you should approach your return? Should you dip your toes in the shallow end, or just jump right off in?

I would like to get one or two warm ups, get used to being back in front of the crowd. And then I want to go get somebody, I want to make that statement that I am back and I am ready.

BH Have you been keeping up with the heavyweight division? And if so, your thoughts?

I have been watching the division, and that was bog reason why I am coming back. People talk about about the division, but my opinion, I think the division is waking up. It is looking good. It is an exciting landscape out there and I want to get in the mix and make some exciting fights. If you have followed me you know that I have never been in a boring fight. I am a fan friendly fighter.

BH What do you feel you still have to offer the fight game?

I feel I have a look of steam left in me, I have knowledge of what to do in any situation. I have charisma, and I want to put the heavyweight division back in the forefront. I have been watching Deontay Wilder, he has it is the right direction. I know it is going to be a lot of work, but, I would like to get in there with him one day. You cannot come out of retirement and just jump in with the heavyweight champ, but, give it time.

BH I have to ask this, I am a married man as well, nearly twenty-years now. You said you walked away from boxing because you wife wanted you to do so. My question is, I assume she has granted you permission to fight again?

(We both laugh) Absolutely. She has given her blessing. She seen me around the house. I was not the type to sit around the house having a beer on the couch. I have always been going out doing stuff. Well, I started sitting around the house and started having some beers a little too much. She asked me if I was depressed, and I was like yes, I feel like I am not living up to my potential. I have dreams and aspirations I want to live out. I take care of my family, and I will always do so. So if boxing cannot help me provide for my family, then I will not do it.

BH When can we expect you to be in action?

I am eight round ready right now. I just need the opportunity to get back in the ring. I want to get in there ASAP. I am ready to fight now. I have made my weaknesses my strengths now.

BH There are going to be the critics, the one who are going to say, why come back? You lost your last two fights, you have not been in the mix for nearly a decade. Why come back? How would you respond to those critics?

Well, you know, some people are different than others. You cannot put them in the same category. Some fighters are older fighters, but, they are young. They started as young kids, they got older in the sport at a young age. Me, I started at an older age in the sport of boxing. I was pro maybe five years. I know what is going on in the sport. I had a lot of success early in my game, and with the time off, I am fresh. If you do not believe it, just watch. I am about showing.

BH Anything in closing?

The “Showstopper” is back!

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