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Jason Miller wreaking Mayhem!
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Dog House Boxing (Oct 22, 2015)

Jason Miller
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Jason Miller was once a force in the mixed martial arts world. Fighting in various weight classes that ranged from middleweight to heavyweight, as well as several different MMA organizations which include Rage in the Cage, ISCF, WEC as well as the UFC, just to name a few. Miller’s most notable names he battled against were the likes of Sael Sonnen, George St. Pierre, Robbie Lawler, Jake Shields and Michael Bisping, and he has earned for titles throughout his fourteen year fighting career.

Aside from fighting he has dabbled in a bit of acting, and he hosted his own reality show for MTV, entitled, “Bully Beatdown” a series where bullied individuals got to witness their bully fight a professional MMA fighter.

Miller has always been a colorful character. From his ring entrances to his interviews pre fight as well post-fight. In 2010 Miller jumped in the middle of Jake Shields interview inciting a brawl, which had him serve a suspension and fine. In 2011 Miller was fired by the UFC, with UFC president Dana White proclaiming Miller was a “clown”. Miller has been an entertaining fighter, and as a fighter has earned the nickname, “Mayhem”. And that’s exacting what Jason Miller has been wreaking, mayhem.

Miller’s rap sheet is beginning to grow like his lists of fights.

In 2012 cops found Miller naked and sleeping in a church whish he vandalized. Not once, but twice in August of 2013 Miller was arrested for domestic abuse. When the details emerged from his abuse, it included not only kicking and chocking his alleged victim, but, urinating on her, which spawned the two incidents into two felony accounts of, “corporal injury of spouse.” Later that year Miller violated his “Stay away” order for sending his ex a snapchat. Always entertaining, In October of 2014, Jason had a five-hour standoff with authorities, all the while posting live updates to his Twitter account. In March of this year Jason was charged with resisting arrest by using violence and battery on officers at a restaurant. And now, his recent clash with the cops just days ago, had Miller tazzed and arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. When answering a disturbance call, Miller allegedly assaulted the officers with ceramic tile and threatening to attack them with a fire extinguisher and a metal pole. As of now, Miller in being held on $50,000 bail and has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer.

This takes me back to the outbursts and antics of former boxing champion Jermain Taylor, which has him doing time in the slammer. You wonder if the bumps and bruises have affected their brain, clouted their way of thinking. Or was he just a punk under the radar, sort of like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Either way, a once successful career for Miller is now tarnished with his out of the cage antics. But one things for sure, he is definitely earning his nickname, Mayhem.

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