Doghouse Boxing sends our Condolences to the Brian Minto Family
By Benny Henderson Jr. Doghouse Boxing (July 18, 2008)  
The one thing I enjoy about being a writer for Doghouse Boxing, is the fact that I get to meet a plethora of people. I have came across some crazy characters in my time, and have made some great friends along the way. And it saddens me when one of my friends are physically, emotionally, or spiritually hurting. So the phone call I received this morning was a heart breaker.

Heavyweight contender Brian Minto gave me a ring this morning and informed me that his mother Audrey had passed away yesterday. From the sound of his voice I could tell that Brian was heart broken and still a bit in shock of the loss of his mother, whom he was very close too.

I met Brian a few years back and have worked for him a bit on his publicity and website, and I can tell you this in all honestly, Brian is a stand up guy who dearly loves his family.

I have spoken over the phone with Brian’s mother on few occasions, and I will say that she was a sweetheart to chat with whom loved her children and grandchildren.

So whether you are a Brian Minto fan or not, I ask the boxing community to please keep Brian and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers during these troubled and trying times.

And on behalf of Doghouse Boxing, we would all like to send out our condolences to the Brian Minto family.

God Bless,
Big Dog.

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