Doghouse Boxing Predictions: Nate Campbell vs Joan Guzman
Compiled by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Sept 13, 2008) (Photo © Tom Casino/SHOWTIME)  
Tonight from the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi, to be televised live on Showtime’s Championship Boxing 9 PM ET/PT, WBA/WBO/IBF lightweight champion Nate Campbell 32-5-1 (25) looks to squash his opponents winning ways as he defends against the unbeaten Joan Guzman 28-0 (17) in a twelve round championship clash.

The seasoned vet, Campbell, is coming off four consecutive wins, his last being a close one over previously
undefeated Juan Diaz, and looks to once again shatter the dreams of another unbeaten, but can he continue domination?

Dominican Republican Joan Guzman thinks not, and thus far twenty-eight fallen foes weren’t able to blemish his record, can Campbell be the first?

Doghouse Decides!

John Novoselac: Coming off the biggest win of his career over Juan Diaz, Nate Campbell looks to prove he is no one hit wonder, and is one of the best lightweights in the world. Joan Guzman continues his trek up in weight after winning titles at 122 and 130, picking up trainer Floyd Mayweather, Sr. along the way to aid his slick boxer style. Guzman may not carry the power he had at the lower weights, but his elusiveness is still readily apparent. Campbell has all the heart and determination of a world class fighter, but the skills of Guzman will be too much for the Galaxxy Warrior. Guzman should take a close but clear decision win.

Debbie Duran: Nate Campbell runs hot and cold and has throughout his later career. Saturday won't be an exception because Joan Guzman isn't the man to beat. Guzman's style is slippery and focused and he won't give "The Galaxxy Warrior" a chance to get off his shots. Campbell's a good boxer. "Little Tyson's" better. Guzman UD 12 Campbell.

Coyote Duran: I like Nate Campbell a lot. Brash, at times, no-nonsense, double-tough...but has problems in the overall dominance department. Before you break out the keys to me what the hell is wrong with me, let me say that 'overall dominance' is relative to his career; not any one opponent. Campbell beat Juan Diaz because Nate Campbell is smart and Juan Diaz is easier to read. Campbell knew what he was going to get and he had a game plan set and ready to go. Not so much against Juan Guzman. Guzman's going to fluster Campbell with the thrill of the chase and the lack of power. Guzman might put the punches together but he won't gain the KO...unless Campbell sticks his chin out. Damn, that was bad. I apologize. Hey, it could happen. Anyhoo, no knockout but a razor-thin split decision win for Guzman. It just comes down to the man with the better skills.

Ken Hissner: It’s been 10 months without a fight for Joan Guzman who is moving up to lightweight. Nate Campbell has finally landed on top and will be hard to knock off the top. Campbell will win this fight. Guzman has not scored a knockout in 5 years so he is going to have to win it by decision which means Campbell will take a easy 8-4 decision.

Gabriel Montoya: Fight of the night. Nate Campbell is the last man I would want looking to lay a beating on me and that is exactly what he needs to do to beat Joan Guzman. Take the arms, the shoulders, the body. Whatever he can lay his hands on. Guzman's head will be available late if he does that. Guzman will look to make this ugly by sticking and moving in an attempt to pile up points and set up the coastline down the stretch. Campbell is on a roll right now. I don't see Campbell him letting that happen

Benny Henderson Jr.: I think this fight has the goods to be a decent boxing match, and I stress boxing, there should not be any brawls in this one if Guzman has his ways about it. Campbell is going to have to find a way to wear down Guzman, keep him from pop shooting his way to a decision victory. Give me Guzman via close decision.

Anthony Cocks: This intriguing matchup has become all the more interesting after Guzman failed to make weight by a whopping 3.5 pounds. What effect this will have on fight night – and it will have an effect, one way or the other – remains to be seen, but all things being equal I like Campbell to outwork Guzman over the distance. Why? Guzman has shown in the past that he’s a slick boxers who can make opponents miss and make them pay, but he has also shown that his conservative punch output can cost him rounds. Against Jorge Barrios, it was only the point deductions that prevented that fight from being a draw. Against Campbell, Guzman won’t be able to get away with such a lackadaisical effort. I like Campbell to keep the heat on all night long, cutting the ring off on Guzman and outlanding him in close

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