Doghouse Boxing Predictions: Joel Casamayor vs Juan Manuel Marquez
Compiled by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Sept 13, 2008) (Photo © Will Hart/HBO)  
Coming up tonight on HBO PPV, 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT, former world featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez 48-4-1 (35) looks to get back to winning ways as he takes on the rejuvenated Joel Casamayor 36-3-1 (22) who is coming of five consecutive victories.

Marquez, who lost a split decision to Manny Pacquiao in his last go around looks to regain victory status, has a stumbling block in front of him in Casamayor, whose last ring affair had him knocking
out previously unbeaten Michael Katsidis in ten rounds.

Which old dog still has fight and a bite left in him and which should retire to laying scratching around on the porch?

Doghouse Decides!

John Novoselac: Juan Manuel Marquez returns to the ring for the first time since his split decision loss to Manny Pacquiao earlier in the year to face Ring Magazine belt holder Joel Casamayor, who's career is in resurgence since his come from behind stoppage win over Michael Katsidis. Both fighters are well into their 30s, which is not typical for fighters at this weight. However, both also carry crafty, intelligent styles which have lengthened their respective careers considerably. If this fight were to have taken place last year, I'd have picked Marquez. However, after seeing what the former Cuban amateur standout has left, I'm leaning towards El Cepillo in a very tight decision.

Debbie Duran: I really have to go bold on this one and maybe it's not so bold after all if it turns out to be a consensus. Juan Manuel Marquez is probably tired of chasing the brass ring and watching it slip through his capable fingers. With lightweight champ Joel Casamayor riding high off his last win over twice-beaten Michael Katsidis, the ride is thinning out and coming to an end. Marquez hasn't very many weight classes left to climb. He makes the most of this opportunity with a decisive unanimous decision win for the lightweight championship of the world.

Coyote Duran: World Lightweight Champion Joel Casamayor has proven that age and wisdom can win the day if applied properly; as seen against Aussie tough guy, Michael Katsidis. In bestowing a first loss on 'The Great's' ledger, a great many of us were still wiping egg off our faces even after Katsidis suffered a second loss against Juan Diaz just last weekend. Casamayor is a consummate boxer and one hell of a technician but Juan Manuel Marquez, Saturday night's challenger has a fire in his belly and it isn’t no backtalk from a chimichanga; I'll tell you what...Marquez will play the part of the antagonist in a foul-filled ugly extravaganza that won't be easy for ether fighter. It'll just be less difficult for Big Brother. Juan Manuel Marquez SD 12 Joel Casamayor for 'The Ring' Magazine World Championship and an extra trinket that he can use to attach 'No-Pest Strips' to.

Ken Hissner: Juan Marquez proved with Manny Pac that he knows how to fight a southpaw. The referee is most important in this fight because Joel Casamayor is one of the dirtiest fighters in the business. Casamayor has been a lightweight since 2003 and Marquez has only been a super lightweight for less than 2 years. I am rooting for Marquez who has to be the underdog and to pull this fight out though Casamayor seems to get all the breaks. I pick Casamayor by split and controversial decision.

Gabriel Montoya: In a battle of counter punchers, I'll take the one who is capable of being active and that would Juan Manuel Marquez. He is every bit as crafty as Casamayor but doesn't need that to survive as Casamayor does. I see an up-tempo tactical battle early on and a rough and tumble with a side of rumble late. Marquez will win a not-so-pretty, not-as-close-as-it-looks decision.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You have two seasoned vets here who know the game throughout, so this should be a humdinger of a bout as both try to get the hard earned W. A rejuvenated Casamayor taking on Marquez who is coming off a close yet questionable loss to Pacquiao, give me Marquez the ugly yet clear win.

Anthony Cocks: Juan Manuel Marquez appears closer to his prime than Joel Casamayor, who is coming off a come-from-behind KO of previous unbeaten Michael Katsidis and a hotly disputed split decision victory over Jose Armando Santa Cruz. Despite the gruelling nature of these two wars, I think the experience has actually freshened up the evergreen Casamayor. Marquez will need to use his veteran savvy to create openings against the crafty Cuban, and I can envisage a scenario where he alternately boxes and bangs his way to victory. Tough fight to pick, but I’m leaning toward the naturally larger Casamayor by razor-thin decision.

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