Robert Guerrero Interview: "Mayweather doesn't know what He is in for!" - Part One
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Robert Guerrero Interview: "Mayweather doesn't know what He is in for!" - Part One
By "Big Dog" Benny Henederson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Last Updated on: April 24, 2013)

Robert "Ghost" Guerrero
(Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero)
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Saturday, May 4th, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, live on Showtime PPV, champions will collide as the Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero 31-1-1 (18) goes head to head with the undefeated P4P king, Floyd “Money” Mayweather 43-0 (26) in a WBC welterweight championship match-up.

Guerrero, who has garnered the IBF Featherweight and Super Featherweight titles, earned himself the Interim WBC welterweight strap and the right to fight Mayweather by defeating Selcuk Aydin last July. Robert is coming off the biggest win of his career, which was a dominating performance over former world champion, Andre Berto. In part one of this exclusive interview with “The Ghost”, Guerrero speaks out on his upcoming bout and believes that Mayweather doesn’t not know what he has gotten himself into.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You have the biggest fight of your career coming up against Floyd Mayweather, give the readers your thoughts coming into this bout.

Robert Guerrero:
This is it. It’s my golden opportunity to prove to the world that I’m the best pound for pound fighter in boxing. Floyd Mayweather is considered to be the best fighter of this era it’s my job to dethrone him.  There is no excuses, when I win it’s because I’m the better fighter.

BH: We all know that Floyd is a talker, and we all know going into this fight against Mayweather is going to bring the big media outlets out, basically, more spotlight than what you are probably accustomed too.  So, how are you handling the trash talk, mind games, and the media frenzy?

Floyd’s trash talking is nothing compared to my wife battling cancer.  So when you compare the two there’s no comparison.  Also I’m always prayed up so I lean on my faith in Jesus Christ to get me through the day to day media requests.

BH: Mayweather is known for his speed, his ring savvy, and more than anything, his defense. How will you counter his accolades when you two square off?

I have just as many God given attributes as Floyd, the only difference in this fight is I’m the hungrier fighter.  I can’t give up my game plan but let me tell you this; he doesn’t know what he is in for.

BH: I have been interviewing you for years now, before you were in double digits in the win column. You have always been a humble, quiet individual, rarely doing any trash talking. I am not saying you are not still humble, but, you have been more vocal here in the recent past. What has changed?

Benny, in this game I realized if you don’t speak up you don’t get heard.  Nothing has changed in my outlook on life. I just wanted to speak my mind a bit more to let everyone know I’m for real.  At home I’m still the same guy when you first met me.  My humble approach to this game will always be there, because I know from experience about the struggles of life. 

Stay Tuned for Part Two...

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