Brian Minto Interview: “I’m Back and Ready to make a Run For the Heavyweight Title!”
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 5, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
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It has been well over a year since the former cruiserweight/heavyweight contender Brian Minto 35-4 (22) has been in any ring action, but that will all change for the Butler born boxer January 28th when he takes on hard hitting Tony Grano 18-2-1 (14) at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona, NY. All though Minto has been out of the ring, he feels better than ever and believes he has a solid chance at making another splash in the heavyweight division. In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, “The Beast” speaks out on his upcoming opponent, his future and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You will be taking on Tony Grano January 28th, give the readers your thoughts on that match-up.

Brian Minto: Actually, Tony Grano is a very tough guy, he is a good puncher, a basic fighter, and he doesn’t look real flashy. You see tape on people but everything can be deceiving when you get in the ring, so I am prepared for the best Tony Grano that I could possibly get.

BH: He has fought decent opposition with his biggest win coming over the once highly touted undefeated Travis Kaufman. In my opinion you are more of a brawler, an aggressive fighter, so comparing your style against his, how do you feel your style will match up against his?

BM: I have actually been concentrating on boxing more, staying out of the brawling, especially with a heavyweight because they have one punch power. So I have went back to my basics and started boxing more and working on the places where I need improvement. I have actually gotten my body in the best shape then I think it has ever been, I will be turning thirty-seven soon and I am in better shape then when I started when I was twenty-eight. I am pretty confident in my conditioning, I am ready for the challenge and to get back at it and make a run at this thing.

BH: You fought as a heavyweight most of your career, then in 2010 you stepped in and had two fights at cruiserweight, one against the WBO title holder Marco Huck. But after two fights at that weight class you are coming back as a heavyweight, why the change back to the big boys?

BM: The cruiserweight division is pretty much slow moving in the United States, I sat for a year and did not get a fight and I had a belt. Everything was just slow moving; the cruiserweight division is not very popular in the United States. You have to go over to Europe and fight and you are already behind the eight ball when you go over there. I arrived in Europe three days before I had to fight Marco Huck. I knew when I was getting my hands wrapped I was no where near where I should have been, I felt sluggish, he is not a guy who you want to go in there and not be at one hundred percent, because you are going to be pounded on. He is very strong and fast, I learned a lesson but at the same time I could not pass on a world title fight.

BH: Marco Huck will not be taking on Alexander Povetkin for the WBA heavyweight title. Your thoughts on that match-up and who do you feel will come out the victor?

BM: Marco Huck is not a real skilled fighter; he is just one tough kid that is very strong. He is also a sneaky fighter, a dirty fighter; he throws elbows behind his right hands. I think Povetkin is the better skilled fighter, probably punches just as hard. It I going to be a great fight action wise, it is a toss up I think, but I would like to think that Povetkin could beat him.

BH: With the long lay off do you fear of any ring rust coming into this bout?

BM: Maybe, it can be but I am trying to get eighty to a hundred rounds of boxing in. And I am already at fifty rounds now, I think that I have gotten the rust off and I am getting more comfortable being in there. I feel good, I lost a lot of body fat and put on some muscle, I think it is going to be a new me coming out and I am ready to step up for this challenge.

BH: In closing, now that you are back in the heavyweight division, is there any message you would like to send out to the ones in the division?

BM: I would like to think that I am veteran now; as far as American heavyweights go it is pretty much wide open. Now you have Seth Mitchell coming out and I have been offered that fight with him. And I think I could possibly fight a guy like that, I have been in there with some tough competition so I am ready to put my knowledge and experience to use. I am actually taking this sport very serious and I am working very hard, I am ready. I feel that I am going to sneak in the back door.

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